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Avengers Assemble S02 E21: Spectrums


We all know that the Squadron Supreme is a twisted alternate dimension version of the Justice League in the Marvel Universe that has frequently crossed paths with the Avengers. So far on “Avengers Assemble” our heroes have faced off against counterparts of Superman, Batman, and the Flash. This week it’s Green Lantern’s turn. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on “Spectrums.”

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Get Furious!


Today is Wednesday, New Comic Day, and if you get to your comics shop today, there’s only one book you should be picking up, and that’s Furious #1 by Bryan J.L. Glass and Victor Santos! Check it after the jump for more.

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Time Again For Sci-Fi With Time Warp #1 On The Wednesday Run – March 27, 2013

The science fiction genre teaches you many things, but if there’s one specific lesson it reminds you of again and again, it’s that time is circular. Whether it’s a memorable episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation or a great read by Phillip K. Dick, events, we’re told, are meant to be repeated.

The same is true in comics.

Back in 1979-1980, DC Comics published the five-issue sci-fi anthology series, Time Warp. Today, the title comes back with a more sophisticated slant, courtesy of top industry writers and artists and published under the Vertigo Comics banner.

And boy! Is there a lot to look forward to here!

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Titanic Teams – Gone But Not Forgotten Teams of the DC Universe

When you think super-teams in the DC Comics universe, the Justice League comes to mind immediately, maybe followed by the Teen Titans, the Justice Society and half a dozen others. I’m going to delve a little deeper, and take a journey into the forgotten corners of the DC universe. Here’s a look at some of the forgotten teams of the DC Universe.

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