Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Last Minute Gift Card Ideas

I know, you’ve been busy. And it so hard to come up with fresh ideas for gifts – be they for loved ones, or friends, or acquaintances, or someone that may have given you a gift this holiday season…and you just plum forgot about quid pro quo.

Biff Bam Pop! has got you, delinquent reader, covered this holiday season. We have what you don’t – emergency ideas!

Sure, they might not be the freshest of ideas, but you can certainly spin them in a fresh way!

Time’s a-wasting! Let’s quit the chit chat and get to the last minute list of…gift card ideas!

Gift Cards From Your Local Mall

This is a great idea for the shopper in your life. The local mall has got numerous stores – so certainly one of them tickles the fancy of the person you need to give a gift to. Best of all, gift cards come in all sorts of denominations – generally from $10 to over $100, so now mater how much you like, love or lust after this significant individual, you can put your money where your mouth is.

Gift Cards From Your Pharmacy

Take it from me: new parents will love this gift card! Chances are, they’re going to be vision the local pharmacy on a regular occurrence, whether it’s for diapers, formula, soothers, bottles or nipples or their own binge junk food for this late nights of sleeplessness. Matter of fact, the pharmacy has something for everyone – so as a gift this gift card work s for whomever you need it to work for!

Gift Cards From Ticketmaster

Got a concert-goer in your life? No concerts coming up on the near-term schedule? No worries. Getting a gift card from Ticketmaster is your, uh, ticket to holiday love! Whether it’s that 80’s band reunion tour, or Aida come back, Ticketmaster is generally the go-to online venue for all things live. And in case you’ve been asleep forever, this works for sports fans in you life too! They’re all gonna love a gift card like this…and you can probably just email it to them!

Gift Cards From Your LCS

Your “LCS”? Yeah. Your Local Comic Book Store. Let’s keep business in our community and show some support for your local comic book store who probably carry more than just comic books. Take a walk inside and you’ll find plenty of entertainment and collectibles: from card and board games, to toys and figurines to, well, comic books! So, if you have a lover of pop culture in your life – of any age – this is the gift card to give!

Gift Cards From Amazon

Well, Amazon has it all, doesn’t it? From books to toys to music to hardware to whatever it is you can imagine. It’s truly the one-stop-shop these days, so you can’t go wrong giving a gift card from Amazon to that special someone in your life. They will find a way to make it useful. Just make sure they’re useful browsing on the web. Or, give them the added gift of an extra hand this holiday season!

Gas Station Gift Card

If you’re in super dire straits…like driving to dinner at your future in-laws and you realize that you forgot to get a gift from Auntie, stop off at the nearest gas station. With the Exxon sign shining like a heavenly star high above, the light will lead you to a abed of gifts for the desperate. Not only can you get a gift card from and for the actual gas station (everyone needs to fill up and gas is pricey these days!), but they’ll also have numerous gift cards on hand from all sorts of retail – you just need to pick! Instant gift for whomever you need to give something to!

And, if these last-ditch ideas don’t suit you, well, you might be lost this holiday season. There’s always the old, I.O.U. if need be. Hopefully, you don’t need to go down that road.

That said, all the best to you and yours this hold season…and see you again next year, which isn’t that far off!


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