Tickle Your Funny Bone With Cartoonist Lonnie Millsap

He’s kind of a big deal, though you probably haven’t heard of him yet.

Or maybe you have.

Lonnie Millsap has hit the convention circuit hard for the past couple of years and you or someone you know know has probably picked up one of his books of hilarious single panel comics. Witty, disgusting, crude and thoughtful are all words that can easily be applied to his comic panels. Drawn in a style reminiscent of The Far Side, Lonnie’s comics are everything that makes The Far Side great and nothing like it at all.

launch party 2014

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and if you’re lucky enough to be in Los Angeles on the evening of January 25th, you’ll get to meet the man himself at his swanky book signing:

The Copper Still Bar

4485 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90004

(323) 661-1985

Although Lonnie can be found hereBiff Bam Pop’s Queen of Comics, Emily McGuiness, sat down with the humorist to get the low down on his books, his art, and his humour before the big event.

Follow us after the jump for the comedic Q & A!

Emily McGuiness: Why humour? Why aren’t you writing the next Great American Novel?

Lonnie Millsap: I like to make people laugh. It’s hard to make people laugh and I’m good at it. The people who write the Great American Novel are better at that stuff than I am, so I’ll leave that to them.

death colorEmily McGuiness: How would you classify your sense of humor?

Lonnie Millsap: I think my sense of humor is silly, but with just a liiiitle bit of thinking thrown into it. The drawing might be straightforward, but the jokes may not be so obvious.

Emily McGuiness: Why single panel comics?

Lonnie Millsap: I feel like it gives me the opportunity to get the biggest laugh in the shortest period of time.

Emily McGuiness: What is your process for making a panel?

Lonnie Millsap: After I come up with the idea I do a quick sketch. Afterwards I draw a neater version and scan it into Photoshop. Afterwards I clean it up and color it, then post it and wait for the laughter.

Emily McGuiness: Has there ever been anything you’ve come up with that is too gross to finish drawing?

balloono color bLonnie Millsap: No. Nothing’s too gross to draw, but I might not publish it. My mother sees this stuff.

Emily McGuiness: What has been your favorite reaction to your comics? And who do you dream about laughing at them?

Lonnie Millsap: My favorite reaction was when Sergio Aragones laughed really hard at my cartoons. I dream of a literary agent laughing hysterically at my cartoons.

Emily McGuiness: What other projects have you worked on and how many books do you have completed?

pickle promo 2014Lonnie Millsap: I have completed and published four books. The fourth book, ‘My Pickle Tastes Funny!’ will be officially released on January 25th at a huge party at a place called the Copper Still in Koreatown. Everybody should come! I also illustrated a children’s book for an author named James Butler who is with Publisher’s Syndicate. It’s available on Amazon.

Emily McGuiness: Reviewers and critics could probably pick out a lot of influences on your work but tell us who you think your influences are.

Lonnie Millsap: I have been influenced by a few cartoonists. Most reviewers point out my similarities to Gary Larson, but I was really inspired by the work and sensibility of Joe Martin ‘Mr. Boffo,’ John Callahan and Gary Panter. They made/make me laugh out loud.

Emily McGuiness: What’s next for Lonnie Millsap and where can we find you next?

Lonnie Millsap: I’m currently working on my untitled next book and plotting my path to control all aspects of the cartooning world by year’s end. You should be able to find me everywhere in 2014. I’ll be exhibiting my books at WonderCon, Comic-Con, Alternative Press Expo, Big Wow and various other conventions.

If you can’t make it to his Los Angeles book release event, Lonnie’s books can be purchased here. You can visit his website at http://www.lonniemillsap.com and follow him on Twitter: @lonniemillsap 

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