SDCC 2015 Spotlight: Lonnie Millsap

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It’s that time again, where nerds rev up to go to nerd Mecca. Yes, it’s time for San Diego Comic Con.

Even if you don’t get to go this year, there are a host of artists and creators you should know about. They’re easy to follow on the web and they have a mountain of nerdy goodness for you all year round.

If you are about to brave the germ pool, you should stop by and say hello to Lonnie Millsap. Humorist and cartoonist, Lonnie has just released a new book entitled: I Asked For A Fork!

You can get it this year at SDCC along with the other goodies he has at his booth.  Stop by and say hello. In the mean time, Lonnie has answered a few questions for us so we may get to know more about him and his work.

Lonnie, take it away…

Emily McGuiness:   For those that don’t know your work, how would you describe your style?

Lonnie Millsap: People generally say that my style is reminiscent of The Far Side because I only draw single panel cartoons, but I think my sensibility and drawings are a little more coarse and adult at times.

Emily McGuiness: A lot has been going on in the political world, regarding cartooning. Can you give us your thoughts on Charlie Hebdo and the Muhammad gallery show shootings?

Lonnie Millsap: I was upset by the shootings, but not particularly surprised. It takes a different kind of person to poke fun of certain religions…especially ones that tell you up front what might happen to you if you do. My cartoons aren’t particularly topical, so I will probably never run risk that people like the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists do. I admire them and worry for them.


Emily McGuiness: How long have you been going to San Diego Comic Con and what makes this show special for you?

Lonnie Millsap: I have been going to SDCC since 2011. My first visit there is when I started exhibiting in Small Press. The people that I’ve met and become friends with are what makes the show special for me. Becoming friends with cartoonists like Chris Allison, Keith Knight, Stephen Notley, Scott Shaw and others have made it all worth it.

Emily McGuiness: Where can we find you at SDCC and on the web?

Lonnie Millsap: I will be at Small Press table K-2 rubbing my knees for five straight days. People can find me on the web at where I post 3 new cartoons a week. On Twitter I’m @lonniemillsap and on Facebook I am LonnieMillsap/cartoonist. I also post a lot on Reddit under the comics and webcomics subreddits.

Emily McGuiness: Are you offering anything else besides books this year?

Lonnie Millsap: This year I will have prints and t-shirts in addition to books.

Emily McGuiness: What’s your favorite part of the SDCC festivities?

Lonnie Millsap: My favorite part of the SDCC festivities are meeting new people, and I like it when I have lines at my table. I live for the groups of people that stand around my table laughing at my books. The evening festivities are fun too…especially if absinthe is involved. Does that count? 🙂

Emily McGuiness: What artists, books, or characters do you look for and support when you get the off chance to leave your booth?

Lonnie Millsap: I support artists who share the same sensibility that I do. I like funny cartoons and I seek them out. I like Sergio Aragones, Keith Knight, Jim Benton, J. Salvador Ramos who draws Super Emo Friends, the Toonhole guys, Cyanide and Happiness and whatever else is funny.


Emily McGuiness: How can people best support small creators at SDCC?

Lonnie Millsap: People can support us by stopping by the small press section, buying books and spreading the word.

Emily McGuiness: With everyone clamoring for the next Thor movie merchandise, where do you think small creators fit in to the SDCC show these days? Is SDCC simply too big? Or is it a chance to see the most fans possible?

Lonnie Millsap: I’ve only known the current version of SDCC since I’ve only been there 4 years. I think that it would be nice if small press drew more traffic or was more of a destination. Small Press feels like more of a niche area where people who know about it know where to go. The Thor folks probably won’t relate to the small press creators so much. I don’t feel like SDCC is too big, but there is lots of stuff going on, so it really does give you the chance to see more fans than anywhere else.

Emily McGuiness: What’s in your SDCC Survival Kit? Food? Hand Sanitizer?

Lonnie Millsap: My SDCC survival kit includes packing tape and gum… I don’t own a flask.

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