The Walking Dead Recap – Season 3, Episode 7: When the Dead Come Knocking

Daryl and Carol

Carol is alive, Rick finally bonds with his baby, you can now send “biter grams” using zombie body parts and the phone inside the prison has service to the afterworld. All would be well in the world except that Maggie and Glenn were captured by Merle and worse, Andrea has the hots for the Governor. This show keeps me on the edge of my seat and I will soon need to stock up on more antacids.

Episode 6 was one nerve racking event after another with Merle and his men trying to hunt down Michonne who, in my opinion, is the female version of the Navy Seals. The show ends with a bloody and injured Michonne standing outside the prison gates. Will Rick and the others invite her inside the prison? Will she need to send another “biter gram”?  More on Episode 7 after the jump.


Glenn and Maggie are prisoners of the Governor. Merle rants about his being left to die and learns that T-Dog is dead. Merle tries to get more information, but Glenn remains silent even though Merle threatens to cut off his nose. Merle then attacks Glenn, and Maggie, who is in the next room, hears the whole thing.

Prison Check-In


Michonne is at the prison fence waiting to be let in, but she is injured and the walkers smell her blood… they attack. She falls unconscious, but Rick and Carl come to her rescue. After bringing the injured Michonne in, Rick tries to find out who she is and where she came from.

Rick is interrupted by Daryl who brings Rick to Carol. Everyone is happy that Carol survived. Carol sees the baby and learns that Lori is dead. Michonne watches this touching scene from her cell.

Rick, Hershel and Daryl come to take care of Michonne’s wound and find out that Maggie and Glenn were captured by Merle and taken to the town of Woodbury. Michonne tells them about the Governor and his men. She knows a way past the barriers and Rick and the others decide to trust her and go rescue their friends. Michonne is impressed with how the group secured the prison.

Rick finally has a moment to console his son over the death of Lori and they pick a new name for the baby, Judith. I kind of liked the name “Little Ass Kicker”, but Judith is good.


Even though Merle has brutally beaten Glenn, he is unable to get the young man to rat out his friends. But during the interrogation, Glenn accidentally slips out with a name. Merle brings in a walker and lets it loose to attack Glenn, who manages to break free from his bonds and kill the walker.

Mr. Coleman

The Governor takes Andrea to an area where Milton is taking care of a recently bitten man. Using music, chimes, family pictures and other personal objects belonging to Mr. Coleman, Milton hopes he will be able to control the man after he dies and transforms into a walker, but Andrea warns that this experiment is futile. Milton believes in his experiment but when Mr. Coleman dies and transforms, it’s Andrea who has to save Milton from the new zombie.


The Governor goes to interrogate Maggie. He cuts her bonds and pretends to be concerned for her and wants to know where her friends are, but when Maggie refuses to tell the Governor what he wants to know, he tells her to stand up and undress. Even though she is threatened with rape, Maggie won’t talk. Luckily for her, the Governor doesn’t carry out the threat. Instead he brings the topless Maggie to Glenn and says that he will shoot Glenn if she doesn’t talk. She talks.

Team Prison

While the Governor makes plans to attack the prison, our team, which includes Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Oscar, drive towards the town. Rick thanks Daryl for taking care of the baby. After leaving their car in the woods, they are attacked by a herd of walkers and have to fight their way into an abandoned building where Rick finds a man hiding under a blanket. He tries to calm the frightened man, while the walkers try to break in. Michonne has to kill the crazed man, whose screams were agitating the walkers. As the walkers feed on the man, the group escapes and heads towards the well-guarded town.

Love Is Blind

Andrea, who is clueless about the Governor’s zombie child and unaware that Maggie and Glenn are at his mercy, tells the Governor that Milton’s experiment failed.

Come back next week for the mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead”!

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