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Watch With Amanda: What’s On TV This Week? November 19 – 25

This week: Happy Thanksgiving week Americans! Lots of repeats on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but we always have A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving to look forward to!

What will you be watching?

Monday November 19th
How I Met Your Mother (8pm): Marshall recommends an old law-school buddy for a position at the firm, but the job interview doesn’t quite work out, and Marshall needs to square things with the boss. Meanwhile, Robin helps Barney get back into the swing of things on the gentlemen’s-club circuit.
Bones (8pm): The remains of a crime-scene cleanup expert are found sealed in a mysterious pod that washed up on a beach. Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins have reason to believe that Cam has a secret lover.

Gossip Girl (9pm): Eleanor visits and puts unexpected pressure on Blair. Meanwhile, Serena helps Dan go apartment hunting, and old feelings surface; Chuck asks Nate to secure some incriminating evidence against Bart; and Rufus and Ivy prepare to open their art gallery.
Revolution (10pm): Charlie and the gang head for Monroe’s chamber at Independence Hall, but they run into trouble when they can’t separate fantasy from reality; Danny grows suspicious of Rachel.

Hawaii Five-0 (10pm): Five-0 investigates the murder of a computer hacker. Meanwhile, McGarrett tries to stage a reunion between his mom and his sister.
Castle (10pm): Castle and Beckett must go on the run with a murder witness they’re protecting from the mob, and because they had to move quickly, they find themselves unarmed and stranded with no phone in the middle of the night.
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Live Review: The Monkees, University Of Buffalo, November 18th 2012

Hey Hey, they were the Monkees, and for a few television seasons and one surrealistic film, they monkeyed around, creating some of the most beloved 60’s pop songs and leaving a legacy that still resonates with millions of fans today. Hard to believe, for many. The Monkees were just supposed to be a made up band of cute boys, an American Beatles that popped up on girls tv screens. But today the music and image Mike Nesmith, Mickey Dolenz, Peter Tork and the late Davy Jones created has transcended time. The proof was in the pudding last night at the University of Buffalo, where Tork, Dolenz and Nesmith brought their An Evening With The Monkees concert to an adoring crowd of fans.

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The Walking Dead Recap – Season 3, Episode 6: Hounded

With each weekly episode of The Walking Dead, there is so much going on that I need to take two steps back before I’m able to go forward. The unexpected surprises of the past two episodes have left us all in a daze and so I want to revisit one particular scene.

At the end of Episode 5, Rick who is in shock, needs to see what happened to his wife, but on the way, he slices through every walker he comes across, finally making his way to the area where his dead wife should be. What he finds is blood, bits of flesh and a bullet, the bullet from Carl’s gun. Looking for Lori, Rick follows the trail of blood which leads to a walker. The descended bloated belly and the hair and bone inside the walker’s mouth reveal to Rick the nightmarish and final violation to his wife.  Rick goes primal on the walker. Has he lost his mind completely? Maybe, and who is calling on the phone?  The recap for Episode 6 begins after the jump.

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