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With FF #1 Your Fantastic Future Has Finally Arrived On The Wednesday Run – November 28, 2012

Ah, the future is a fickle thing in comic book land.

Just when you think it’s become the present, the unpredictable nature of time – and time-hopping, time-altering, time-adventuring superheroes – tends to radically change all expectations.

It can be confounding, yes. But it can also make for amazing storytelling, keeping readers on the edge of their seats while following their favourite (or new favourite) characters in their tempus-inspired escapades!

That’s the premise behind the first issue of FF – the latest comic book re-launch in the post Avengers vs. X-Men, Marvel NOW! initiative.

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Guest Blogger: The Savvy Reader’s Shannon Presents 10 Books For The Pop Culture Fan On Your List

She’s back, and our yearly tradition continues! Our friend Shannon from The Savvy Reader has once again compiled a solid list of reading for the holiday season that totally fits our upcoming Holiday Gift Guide bill (which kicks off this Saturday, in fact). Check out her awesome list and get ready, because next week you’re going to be able to win a few of her choice picks! Take it away, Shannon! 

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? How about a book! They are easy to find, easy to wrap, and there’s something out there for everyone on your list! Here we’ve found the 10 best gifts for the pop culture fan on your list:

1) Who I Am by Pete Townshend: Townshend, a singer, songwriter, and founding member of The Who, tells his wild stories about life as rock n’ roll legend in this candid and smart autobiography.

2) Marvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean Howe: Love comics? You are going to love this behind-the-scenes account of the company that brought you X-Men, Spider-Man, the Avengers, and many other classic superheroes. Filled with tales of battles, betrayals, unlikely alliances, rocky beginnings and amazing successes, this book will show you how Marvel Comics became the enterprise it is today.

See what else makes the list after the jump!
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