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The Walking Dead Recap – Season 3, Episode 4: Killer Within

The Governor

Last week on episode three, we met The Governor, a man with a dark side and a strange collection. Pay careful attention to the fish tanks.

Michonne and Andrea were captured by Merle and taken to the town of Woodbury, where the Governor explains that he and his men keep the townsfolk safe from ‘biters.’ Michonne, angry that her weapons were taken from her, was suspicious of the whole set up and wanted to leave, but Andrea seemed impressed with the Governor and content to stay.

We got a glimpse of The Governor’s sinister side when he promised the injured pilot from the helicopter crash to rescue his friends, but instead of rescue, he slaughtered the pilot’s comrades. Will he also go looking for Rick and his group?  Find out after the jump.

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World Exclusive: Singer Benoit David on Mystery, Yes and More!

Last week, progressive rock fans had a chance to read our exclusive talk with writer Jon Kirkman about his upcoming book on Yes, Time And A Word: The Yes Interviews. Well, the prog doesn’t stop at Biff Bam Pop, as I was very lucky to conduct an email interview with former Yes lead singer and current Mystery frontman (and fellow Canadian) Benoit David.

As many classic rock fans know, in 2008 Benoit David stepped in as an understudy for ailing Yes singer Jon Anderson. Discovered by the band after seeing a video of David fronting a Yes cover band, David managed to ably cover Anderson’s parts, while adding some much needed energy into the band. With the new vocalist firmly entrenched, in 2011, Yes released Fly From Here, their first studio album in 10 years and (in my opinion), their best since 90125. However, the constant touring proved difficult on David, who became ill last November, forcing the band to cancel concert dates. Unsure of when he’d be able to return, David vacated his role in Yes earlier this year.

However, Benoit David’s musical career is far from over. As a member of progressive rockers Mystery, alongside Michel St-Pere, is still making great music. The band’s latest studio album The World Is A Game was recently released and is a fantastically melodic album, mixing shorter songs with some gorgeous epic length tracks. For fans of Yes and prog rock generally, there’s much to love about the new album.

Take a taste of The World Is A Game and then dive into our interview with Benoit David after the jump!
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