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Jennifer Lynch’s Chained Reviewed

I love movies that sneak up on you. The ones that you haven’t been waiting years for, been prejudging and speculating about over breakfast with your friends. I love those ones that you put into the player and press play on and that immediately capture you. Disturb you.

Such is the case with director Jennifer Lynch’s third film, the captivating and horrific Chained. Check out the trailer below and then find out why I’m enamoured with the film after the jump.

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Mat Langford’s Gaming World – The Walking Dead is incredible!

How did it take me so long to play this game?!

When I first heard of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games, I was admittedly skeptical. I had heard good things, but I’d also seen Telltale’s previous work – namely Back to the Future – and it wasn’t exactly a masterpiece. So when I got down to playing TWD, I wasn’t expecting too much.

Was I ever wrong: This game is amazing!

Gory violence...just because the game has a comic book look, it's still awesome.

Gory violence…just because the game has a comic book look, it’s still awesome.

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Tales from the Longbox – Captain America #253-254 (1981)

Every other week, Jason Shayer will highlight an issue or a run of issues pulled from the horde of comic book long boxes that occupy more room in his house than his wife can tolerate. Each of these reviews will delve into what made that issue or run significant as well as discuss the creative personalities behind the work. “Long Box” refers to the lengthy, white cardboard boxes most comics find themselves stored within – bagged, alphabetized and numerically ordered.

Captain America #253-254
Writer: Roger Stern
Plot: Roger Stern/John Byrne
Penciler: John Byrne
Inker: Joe Rubinstein

The teaming up of Roger Stern and John Byrne was one of those key 1980s pairings in which the sum of their total was greater than their parts. Roger Stern was writing The Incredible Hulk and editing the Uncanny X-Men while John Byrne was hitting a creative peak with Chris Claremont on the Uncanny X-Men.

Everything about Captain America #253 screamed horror, from its creepy cover to it’s atmospheric opening to its cliffhanger ending. It started with a murder in England, apparently the work of a deadly slasher who had left the victim drained of blood. The prolog had a wonderful Hammer Horror feel to it and you couldn’t help but look for Peter Cushing to walk on to one of the panels and make a cameo.

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