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Heart and Brains: Andy Burns On ParaNorman

This weekend I caught up on one of the better zombie films to come along this year. I was hugely surprised at how much I enjoyed this tale of persecuted witches, sadistic townspeople and a strange boy with a supernatural ability.

With all that, it’s no wonder than ParaNorman was PG. Check out the trailer below and then hit the jump for my review.

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Watch With Amanda: What’s On TV This Week? November 27 – December 2

This week: Winter finales are upon us with Revenge and The Walking Dead taking a hiatus until 2013.

What will you be watching?

Tuesday November 27th
NCIS (8pm): A teen girl is kidnapped when a Navy captain, his daughter and her friend are attacked. Meanwhile, Tony gets jealous when Ziva makes plans with a mysterious man.

Hart of Dixie (8pm): Lavon and Ruby’s romance proves problematic for Zoe and Lemon, who try to uncover Ruby’s real angle. Meanwhile, Wade wants to evade George, but they wind up on the same camping trip; and Brick hopes to take his relationship with Emily to the next level.
Raising Hope (8pm): The Chances sign up for a charity walk to benefit Angry Bowel Syndrome, a condition Jimmy had as a child. Meanwhile, Burt and Virginia start to feel like they’re getting old; and Jimmy finds it difficult to support Sabrina in a spat with her ex when he thinks she’s at fault.
Ben & Kate (8:30pm): Kate has a hard time taking Will seriously after she sees the face he makes while playing guitar in his cover band; Tommy hooks Ben up with a job at the country club; BJ goes to a support-group meeting and gains insight about her friendship with Kate.
New Girl (9pm): Jess and Cece begin to worry about their biological clocks when they learn that a friend is pregnant. Meanwhile, Schmidt wants to please Emma; Nick and Winston look for inspiration for Nick’s zombie-theme novel at the zoo.

Go On (9pm): Ryan decides to date again and receives an invitation from Olympian Misty May-Treanor (playing herself) to play beach volleyball with her pals. Meanwhile, George celebrates living beyond his life expectancy, and Danny begins falling for Sonia.
Emily Owens M.D. (9pm): Emily treats an infant and a deeply religious man whose faith is shaken following surgery. Meanwhile, Will breaks protocol with a risky diagnosis; and Tyra considers telling her father that she is a lesbian.
The Mindy Project (9:30pm): Mindy feels awkward when her teen neighbor inquires about birth control; Danny gets an anonymous complaint that Morgan has been staring inappropriately at Shauna.
The New Normal (9:30pm): The guys accidentally discover the sex of their baby. Elsewhere, Shania gives a stirring performance at a school assembly, inspiring Goldie to pursue her dreams.
Parenthood (10pm): Julia adjusts to staying home while Joel pursues a career; Crosby clashes with a neighbor who could threaten the Luncheonette; parenting and relationship issues come between Sarah and Mark; Max faces a tough decision as president of the student council; and Amber helps Ryan with his career.

Vegas (10pm): Things get complicated for Savino when Rizzo hires his former mistress, a popular cabaret singer, to perform at the casino. Meanwhile, clues to a murder case lead to a nearby Air Force base, which means police must share jurisdiction with the military.
Sons of Anarchy (10pm): Jax envisions a new direction for the club.

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Apocalypse November: World War Z

If you want a good feel and vision of how the Apocalypse would affect those of us living in a modern world, then you have two books that do the job of bringing the end of times to your front door. My review of The Stand by author Stephen King told about the results of a man-made pandemic and the battle between good and evil.

With my review of World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by author Max Brooks, we learn about a new type of pandemic… a walking plague. I consider the messages of The Stand and World War Z, a crash course on what to expect when civilization decides to go to hell, big time.  More on World War Z after the jump.

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