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Biff Bam Popcast – Tonight At 10pm

Get ready for Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide!! Get our pop culture experts take on the news of who may be playing Batman in Justice League! Celebrate the release of Strange World! It’s another Biff Bam Popcast!


American Horror Story: Asylum Recap: Season 2 Episode 7-Dark Cousin

In last night’s episode of American Horror Story:Asylum, demon-possessed Sister Mary Eunice is terrified to learn that a Dark Angel has descended upon Briarcliff, Kit attempts to reunite with Grace once more and Sister Jude tries to reconcile with her bitter past. After last week’s Origin of Monstrosity, which served more as a bridging episode, Dark Cousin accelerates the story forward.
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Apocalypse November: Swan Song

Earlier this month, Biff Bam Pop!’s own Marie Gilbert wrote about Stephen King’s apocalyptic opus, The Stand. That is one of my favorite books, and its comparison to another book got me interested in the works of another king of suspense, and his magnum opus of the world after a terrible disaster. After the jump, I’ll tell you about Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon.

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