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American Horror Story: Asylum Recap, Episode 4: I Am Anne Frank, Part 1

When a new patient claiming to be Holocaust victim Anne Frank shows up, she claims that Dr. Arden is actually Hans Gruber. No, not the lead terrorist from Die Hard, a Nazi SS doctor from Auschwitz. After some detectives show up to question Arden on the roughing up of a prostitute, Sister Jude begins to think there may be some truth to Anne Frank’s accusation. Meanwhile, Kit starts to question his own innocence and learns the real reason why Grace was admitted to Briarcliff. Lana begins aversion therapy for her lesbianism in hopes that it will get her released from the asylum sooner.
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Apocalypse November: The Stand

The Stand, Stephen King’s Apocalyptic Tale, shows what can happen when we mess with genetically altered viruses and prions and allows the readers to witness how civilization comes apart at the seams. The Stand with its well woven plot, takes the apocalypse head on. The novel was nominated for the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 1979 and was adapted for both a television miniseries for ABC and as a limited series by Marvel Comics that was eventually collected in a trade paperback collection. Meet me after the jump.

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