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American Horror Story: Asylum – Season 2, Episode 3: Nor’easter

I bet the network was freaking out when they learned that the third episode of AHS: Asylum was going to air on Halloween. If that wasn’t crazy enough, the episode revolves around a vicious storm, and this weekend my area was in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Coincidence? Or do Murphy and Falchuk have occult powers?

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Mat Langford’s Gaming World – Infect the world with Infectonator!

In keeping with the Halloween inspired theme of the month I give you my review of Infectonator, an 8-bit zombie infection game on the iOS.

If you’ve ever wanted to spread plague and virus on unsuspecting countries and cities in the hopes of inciting complete panic and the destruction of the entire planet, well then my friend, this is your game! (ps. You’re sick!)
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