31 Days of Horror 2017: Creations of Chaos: Four Creepy Animated Shorts

On this special 31 Days of Horror edition of Creations of Chaos, it’s changeling foxes, voodoo dolls, mean girl regrets, and my least favorite thing ever, eyeball stuff. It’s Four Creepy Animated Shorts.

Animation shorts collage

What if you are in the mood for something creepy, but you don’t have the time to watch a full length film? Here are four, creepy, animated shorts, to quench your creepy appetite.

The Sandman

This is a nefarious take on the light-hearted character of Western and Northern European Folklore.


The animation is reminiscent of Tim Burton, which makes sense, as the animator, Paul Berry, worked on The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Though the vibe is ominous and spooky, I kept thinking this was clearly something meant for children. As the story played on I was lulled into a security that it would resolve with a cute, humorous outcome. Nope. I did not see the ending coming, no pun intended. It’s absolutely horrific. I’m still cringing.

As someone who already exams every bedroom shadow during middle of the night bathroom breaks, this film did not help to assuage my fears.

Sebastian’s Voodoo

It’s difficult to describe the horror genre this animated short fits into, perhaps light, animated, torture porn?

In the story, a voodoo doll helps to save his voodoo doll friends from the sadistic torture of being pinned.

sebastians voodoo hooks

You could actually say that this is a quick version of a full length horror film where a group is captured by a murderer, and one brave character, spoiler alert, must sacrifice himself to save everyone else.

The voodoo dolls aren’t creepy, they are actually kind of cute, which makes their torturous, writhing pain, when being pinned, terrible to behold. It’s a short film, but it pacts an emotional punch, and leaves you silent at the end.


This Japanese horror short fits into the horror movie that teaches a lesson category.

A vain, mean girl, is spotted in a train station by a less desirable classmate. In her effort to avoid the classmate at all costs, the mean girl inadvertently causes the undesirable’s death.

This is like a short, animated version of Macbeth meets The Grudge. Though the mean girl tries to sleep off her actions, she is haunted by what she has done, in more ways than one.

Tsume haunt

At first you think that perhaps the mean girl is being paranoid, and only imagining things, but the creepy encounters crescendo into a gruesome finale.


Five minutes was not enough. I want more, I need more of Foxed. It was one of those films where I instantly felt, someone has made this just for me.

A little girl makes a valiant, but fruitless attempt at escape, after being kidnapped and enslaved by foxes. During her escape she discovers why she will likely never be rescued.

Foxed foxes

This is definitely one that kids could watch. There’s no blood, it’s not violent, but it is definitely chilling and creepy. The premise is intriguing and I had so many unanswered questions.

I was overjoyed to see that David Cronenberg stepped up to produce a full length version of Foxed. I was then disappointed when I noticed that this was announced in 2015 and there have been zero updates on the film’s progress since. It’s unclear if it is still happening.

Please, please someone out there in movieland, please make a full length Foxed, because I am absolutely willing to throw my hard earned dollars at a full length version of this story.

All of the animated shorts are available on YouTube. Since they are short, time is no excuse, so you should check them out.

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