Avengers Initiative Assembles On iOS And Android!


Avengers fans assemble!

A new iOS/Android Avengers game is coming titled Avengers Initiative, and it’s is deemed to be the “mobile gaming event of the year.”

According to the trailer, the premise is somewhat vague, but what we do know is that someone has released every super-powered criminal you’ve captured, and those criminals are now running rampant through the city. The trailer shows specific game-play controlling the Hulk only, and – though it doesn’t show any on-screen control buttons – claims that the game’s controls and high-definition visuals have been built exclusively for touch-screen devices, which could mean a better gaming experience for those jaded by shoddy controls in previous action/adventure games.

As previously stated, the trailer shows Hulk footage only, but it is revealed that this is only the first installment, and that there will be free – I smell micro-transactions! – episodic content coming that looks to include other fan favorites  Captain America, Thor and Iron Man.

Stay tuned to BiffBamPop! for the official review after the release!

You can check out the trailer here:

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