From the House of Ideas: In ‘Strange #1’ There’s a New Sorceror Supreme on Bleeker Street

While Stephen Strange no doubt will be back someday, Strange #1 makes a strong case that the good doctor doesn’t need to hurry.

From the House of Ideas: “Daredevil” On Sale, “White Fox” and “Amazing Spider-Man” Tie-Ins to The Death of Doctor Strange

This week in From the House of Ideas, it’s a look at the two latest Death of Doctor Strange tie-ins, as well as Chip Zdarsky’s great Daredevil run.

Strange Academy

From the House of Ideas: Doctor Strange’s Death Reverberates with the Avengers and Strange Academy

The Death of Doctor Strange: Avengers and Strange Academy do good jobs showing how Strange’s death reverberates with other characters, while also standing out as fun one-off stories.