From the House of Ideas: In ‘Strange #1’ There’s a New Sorceror Supreme on Bleeker Street

When it comes to comic books, we all know that death is very rarely the end. Instead, it’s a transition poiint, a storytelling beat that leads to new tales and explorations, until finally those that have fallen to the Grim Reaper (sometimes literally) return to take up their rightful place once again.

Clea, the new Sorceror Supreme, knows this, which is what makes Strange #1 such a great first issue.

Following in the multiple deaths of Doctor Strange that occured during The Death of Doctor Strange mini-series, the good doctor’s wife Clea has become the Sorceror Supreme in his place. However, while she’s more than up for the challange, as she demonstrates multiple times throughout this debut issue (including a wonderful face-off with Doctor Doom), Clea has bigger plans that she’s looking to achieve – she wants to bring Stephen Strange back from the dead.

In a great discussion with Wong, Clea explains how, since so many of Strange’s friends and colleagues come back from the dead, why should he be any different? It’s just going to be a matter of time to figure out how to raise him. This argument makes so much sense, and while both Clea and Wong are still grieving the loss of Doctor Strange, they’re also well aware of the world in which they live, one where death is rarely, if ever the end.

Writer Jed MacKay (who I seem to be writing about every other week, his name is on many solid books) and artist Marcelo Ferreira do an excellent job with Strange #1. While it certain benefits the reader to have followed all of the mystical storytelling from The Death of Doctor Strange, if you happened to skip out on that series, this first issue gets you up to speed quickly, and lets you appreciate the magical side of Clea and the Marvel Universe without needing much backstory.

While Stephen Strange will be back someday, of that I have no doubt, Strange #1 makes a strong case that the good doctor doesn’t need to hurry; with Clea as Sorceror Superme, the Eye of Agamatto is in good hands.

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