The Walking Dead Recap – Season 3, Episode 4: Killer Within

The Governor

Last week on episode three, we met The Governor, a man with a dark side and a strange collection. Pay careful attention to the fish tanks.

Michonne and Andrea were captured by Merle and taken to the town of Woodbury, where the Governor explains that he and his men keep the townsfolk safe from ‘biters.’ Michonne, angry that her weapons were taken from her, was suspicious of the whole set up and wanted to leave, but Andrea seemed impressed with the Governor and content to stay.

We got a glimpse of The Governor’s sinister side when he promised the injured pilot from the helicopter crash to rescue his friends, but instead of rescue, he slaughtered the pilot’s comrades. Will he also go looking for Rick and his group?  Find out after the jump.

Guard Tower

Episode 4 was full of twists and turns, so hang on to your hats. We start off at the prison where Rick and the team are busy cleaning up the prison grounds and notice that they haven’t seen Maggie or Glenn for a while. Where are they? They’re young and in love and have found a lovers’ hideout up in the guard tower. Axel (Lew Temple) and Oscar (Vincent Ward) beg the group to let them join them, but after a heated discussion, where only T-Dog defends the prisoner, the prisoners are told that they have to stay on their side of the prison.


Unhappy about spending another day in Woodbury, Michonne inspects the trucks that had belonged to the soldiers and finds lots of bullet holes. She asks The Governor, “You think the walkers learned to use weapons?” She isn’t so thrilled with his explanation about the quick cremation of the helicopter pilot who mysterious died. Michonne wants to head to the coast where she and Andrea might find a boat and possibly a deserted island, but Andrea, who is getting chummy with the Governor, doesn’t look like she’s in any hurry to leave.


Lori under attack

The group splits up with the men gathering wood for fire and the Lori, Amy and Carl, helping Hershel to walk outside with the use of crutches. Suddenly walkers attack Lori,and the others. How did they get in? Rick, T-Dog, Daryl and Glenn try to make it through the locked section they are in to save the others. The group is separated and the walkers keep coming. Someone has cut the chains that kept the gates locked, but who? Was it Axel or Oscar?

One of our survivors is bitten. On top of that, someone turns on the loud escape alarm which is drawing more walkers. While Oscar helps Rick to locate the controls for the alarm, Lori goes into labor while being chased by walkers. Luckily, Carl finds a place for Maggie and his mother to hide.


Andrea and Philip

Andrea shows Merle how to find the farm on a map and finally admits that she is angry at being left behind by the others. Merle tells The Governor that he wants to take a few men with him to find his brother, but the sinister Governor convinces Merle to wait a little longer with the promise of the Governor going with Merle to locate Daryl. Later that day, the Governor has a drink with Andrea and tells about his wife dying in a car accident pre-apocalypse and that it’s only him and his daughter now? The Governor finally tells Andrea is name… Philip.

Spoiler Alert:

If you don’t want to know who was bitten, then skip this part

Carol stays with T-Dog (Iron Singleton) who was bitten in the attack, but in their hurry to join the others, they are ambushed by walkers and T-Dog sacrifices himself to save Carol. On the other side of the prison, while Rick is trying to find the control to turn off the alarms, he is attacked. Andrew (Markice Moore) is alive and swinging at Rick with an ax. Oscar comes to Rick’s aid and shoots Andrew.

Labor Pains

Lori is bleeding heavy and she coaxes Maggie into doing a C-section with Carl’s help and while this is happening Rick and the group search for Lori. They come across a group of walkers feeding on T-Dog and now believe that Carol is also dead.

Great Big Spoiler Alert

Maggie delivers the baby and Carl is left with the duty of shooting his mom who died during delivery. Rick finds Hershel and Amy. Maggie, Carl and the new baby walk over to the group and tell them the bad news. Rick is devastated and Carl is eerily silent.

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