Biff Bam Popcast – The Star Trek Into Darkness Edition

Star_Trek_John_Byrne_Collection_coverSpoiler alert! The latest and greatest Biff Bam Popcast is up. In this edition, Glenn Walker, JP Fallavollita, Emily McGuiness, Jason Shayer and Andy Burns talk Star Trek Into Darkness, what we liked (lots), what we didn’t (more than we thought) and much more.

As well, we take a look at the gorgeous new IDW hardcover, Star Trek: The John Byrne Collection. As mentioned in the popcast, IDW continue to knock it out of the park with their licensed properties and this book is no exception. Take a look inside during the popcast and then order your own copy here.

3 Replies to “Biff Bam Popcast – The Star Trek Into Darkness Edition”

  1. Emily made a good point that if you want to see the real STAR TREK then you’ve got to go back to the television shows for that. You’re never going to get that from a movie. Matter of fact, didn’t they try to do the TV show in STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE and it didn’t work?

    What else? Oh, yeah…Khan was more interesting to me when he was John Harrison and doesn’t Starfleet do annual psychological exams on it’s Admirals? Those guys go crazy on a pretty regular basis, don’t they?

    Keep up the great work guys (and gal) and thanks for allowing us to eavesdrop on another fascinating and entertaining conversation.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Derrick! Glad you like to listen.
      No health care for Starfleet Officers I’m guessing 🙂

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