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‘Looking Glass’ Looks Good, But Is Minor Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is having quite the year. It’s only the beginning of February and he’s already had a lot of buzz: There is the high energy, pitch-black comedy about parents trying to kill their children which hit theatres in January (Mom & Dad), one of the best reviewed films at Sundance (Mandy), and a film festival dedicated to him in Glasgow.

Sadly, the least exciting thing about 2018 so far for Cage is Looking Glass, a thriller directed by Tim Hunter, a prolific TV director who also directed the 1986 Crispin Glover/Keanu Reeves film River’s Edge. Read the rest of this entry


Trailer Time: 2012

As an avowed fan of apocalyptic films, I have to admit that the trailer for 2012, the new cinematic opus from Roland Emmerich, gave me a few chills. If you’re familiar with the significance of the date, 2012 is the end of the Mayan calendar and is suspected by many to be the end of the world.

Personally, I thought it was the end of the world seeing John Cusack in the trailer for a big budget blockbuster. Having spent the last few years in smaller, subtler films, it will be interesting to see how he stands out in 2012. Director Emmerich, the man behind Independance Day and The Day The Earth Stood Still, isn’t one to coax strong performances out of his leads, but it’s rare that he’s worked with a talent at solid as Cusack.

2012 looks to be mining some of the same territory that Alex Proyas’ Knowing worked with earlier this year, minus the aliens and Nicolas Cage. Check out the trailer below. The movie hits theaters in November.

Trailer Time: Bad Lieutenant: Port Of New Orleans

So I was surfing over at Ain’t It Cool tonight when I saw one of the most f’d up trailers I’ve seen in years. Forget big budget action flicks or movies with roman numerals following their titles. The trailer for Bad Lieutenant: Port Of New Orleans will leave you with your jaw hanging wide open, and it doesn’t even need a robot.

You may remember the original Bad Lieutenant, which stared Harvey Keitel and his penis as the title character. The 1992 movie is now being reimagined, transfered from New York City to New Orleans and directed by Werner Herzog. All this doesn’t sit well with the original film’s director Abel Ferrar, who was quoted last year as saying “As far as remakes go, … I wish these people die in Hell. I hope they’re all in the same streetcar, and it blows up.”

Maybe Abel will change his mind after watching Nicolas Cage go absolutely crazy in this trailer. This just may make up for Cage’s total shite performance in Knowing (though nothing will make up for his role in Snake Eyes). Check out the trailer for Bad Lieutenant: Port Of New Orlans here and let us know what you think.

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