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Gobbledygeek: LISTEN TO PODCASTS (feat. Greg Sahadachny)


The Biff Bam Pop! Podcast Network presents Gobbledygeek featuring hosts Paul Smith and AJ Wiley and focusing on a variety of entertainment subjects, with our hosts and special guests frequently discussing films, comics, and television. This week, in the first installment of Gobbledyween 2015, they take on John Carpenter’s They Live. See and hear more after the jump.

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S03 E02: Purpose in the Machine


Faithful viewers of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” will remember the Asgardian Berserker from the first season episode “The Well” Not only did it introduce the secretly Asgardian Professor Randolph, but also it was the first time we began to see dark cracks in the shell of Agent Grant Ward. Both men return this episode, as does Agent Melinda May, so meet me after the jump for my thoughts on “Purpose in the Machine.”

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Andy Burns says Experimenter is one of his favourite films of 2015

Two men agree to take part in an experiment. One is the learner. The other, the teacher. The learner enters a room. The teacher, in another room, proceeds, via a series of questions, to test the learner on a sequence of words. Should the learner get the sequence incorrect, the teacher administers a shock. Each incorrect answer, the shock increases in strength.

This is how Experimenter begins. This is a true story.

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Extra! Extra! Get Your PAPER GIRLS #1 On The Wednesday Run

PaperGirls1Back in grade eight (or was it grade seven?), I had a paper route that I shared with my best friend John.

It lasted for just a few months, the fall season, namely because I decided that the idea of holding down one of childhood’s longest standing and most romanticized occupations wasn’t for me.

“Extra! Extra! The early morning hours and physical lugging of bundled (and heavy) newspapers to houses and houses and apartments and apartments around the block just ain’t for me!”

Nah, by the end of my newsie spell, I spent more time staring at the sky as the Canada Geese flew south in their “V” formation than I did actually delivering papers. Still, John and I had some adventures because of that job. We had stories to tell.

And this week, the new, monthly series, Paper Girls makes the front page! Follow me after the jump for the lead story!

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31 Days of Horror: Hidden (2015)

There’s nothing I like better than a good, end of the world type movie. The Apocalypse is always ripe for the cinematic picking, and Hidden is a decent addition to the oft-cluttered, end of the world films.

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