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31 Days of Horror 2015: Hostel (2005)

“Whether they like it or hate it, you want to make a movie people will never forget.” – Eli Roth

‘Torture Porn’ isn’t exactly a term of endearment when used by critics or the media. Looking back, films like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and I Spit on Your Grave (1978) would probably have fallen under this classification (and their remakes did), but the term was first popularized by movie critic David Edelstein in 2005 to describe Eli Roth’s Hostel.


I’m not a fan of gore for the sake of gore, but I do enjoy watching horror movies and I found the first Hostel movie to be both creative and unique, albeit disturbing. I’ve only seen the movie once (and that was back in 2006), but it still ranks as one of my top horror movies of the 2000’s. I also liked Hostel II, but I wouldn’t go ranking it in the same class as the original.


Three friends are backpacking across Europe when they are told about a hostel in Slovakia. When they hear that this hostel is infested with beautiful European woman who only want tourists, they quickly get on a train to the paradise they believe awaits them. Soon after they arrive, however, they start to realize that this hostel is hiding a terrible and dark secret.

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The Martian holds strong at the box office, Pan can’t get any air

With Columbus Day in the US and Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada, audiences were eager to go to the movies. Just not to the one big new release that hit theaters. Here’s what went down:


The Martian held on to the top spot at the box office for the second week in a row, grossing $36.5 million to raise its total to an oustanding $108.2 million. The film clearly has struck a nerve with audiences.

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