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31 Days of Horror 2015: Crimson Peak


I’m easy to please and, if a movie features aliens, zombies, or ghosts, then I’m right there. Sitting in the back row of a theatre with my coat collar pulled up around my neck in case I needed to cover my eyes…or my screams, I anticipated being scared right out of my horror loving mind. The reviews for Guillermo Del Toro’s new gothic romance film, Crimson Peak tantalized the ghost investigator side of me. But, did the film live up to the hype? To find out, you’ll need to follow me to Allerdale Hall. Read the rest of this entry


31 Days of Horror 2015: The Hallow

The Hallow's blend of biological and fantastic horror gets under your skin

The Hallow’s blend of biological and fantastic horror gets under your skin

Fairies are creepy. Maybe not fairies, but certainly faeries. The fantastic creatures of celtic lore have a decided dark side, and you’re wise to give them a wide berth. In his video introduction to the screening of The Hallow (2015) at Toronto After Dark, director Corin Hardy advised the audience to keep their iron tools and flashlights handy, to ward off the malign faerie folk. We giggled nervously, having left our wrought iron at home. What a mistake. “If you trespass on them, they will trespass on you,” the movie’s introduction says, and boy did we get trespassed on, by an eerie, unsettling creature feature as relentless as the demons in the woods.

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