Extra! Extra! Get Your PAPER GIRLS #1 On The Wednesday Run

PaperGirls1Back in grade eight (or was it grade seven?), I had a paper route that I shared with my best friend John.

It lasted for just a few months, the fall season, namely because I decided that the idea of holding down one of childhood’s longest standing and most romanticized occupations wasn’t for me.

“Extra! Extra! The early morning hours and physical lugging of bundled (and heavy) newspapers to houses and houses and apartments and apartments around the block just ain’t for me!”

Nah, by the end of my newsie spell, I spent more time staring at the sky as the Canada Geese flew south in their “V” formation than I did actually delivering papers. Still, John and I had some adventures because of that job. We had stories to tell.

And this week, the new, monthly series, Paper Girls makes the front page! Follow me after the jump for the lead story!

Paper Girls #1

Written by: Brian K. Vaughan

Illustrated by: Cliff Chiang

Published by: Image Comics

Paper Girls is the latest high profile, interesting comic book to be published by Image Comics – the company who does nothing, it seems these days, if not publish high profile, interesting comic books.

An ongoing, monthly series, Paper Girls is written and illustrated by the critically acclaimed and fan-favourite tandem of Brian K. Vaughan (Saga, Y The Last Man) and Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman) and tells the story of four, 12-tear old newspaper delivery girls. The title was announced at the beginning of this year and many have been enthusiastically waiting for its debut. Here, late one Halloween night in 1988, the four girls uncover the most important story of all time!

As one friend has recently told me: you see a lot of stuff you shouldn’t see when you peer in people’s windows.

And who has more (or better) opportunity to do that kind of peering than the twelve year-old newspaper delivery girl? (I know I saw a lot of stuff I wish I hadn’t during the two months I held down that gig.)

Paper Girls is being billed as Stand By Me meets War of the Worlds in a mysterious, young adult adventure that can be enjoyed by mature readers of all ages. Plus, it’s a double-sized first issue at a regular-sized price.

Stand By Me meets War of the Worlds? Extra! Extra! Who can’t get behind that?

Visit your favourite comic book newsie today and pick up Paper Girls #1. You got to read all about it!

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