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Be Prepared: Marie G on Zombies and the Zombie Squad

200px-Zombies_NightoftheLivingDeadZombies scare me, but I’m compelled to write about those pesky little flesh eaters. Why? They represent us! Yes, mankind at its lowest with no light at the end of the tunnel. Read the newspapers…we’re not that far from creating an apocalypse, our own extinction. Can we survive a breakdown in civilization? Hurricane Sandy showed how false those illusions were. We’re not the top dog on Planet Earth’s Epoch Flea Show. My father, a survivor of the Great Depression, was so traumatized by that era that he warned his children to be ready for anything. I fought him tooth and nail, arguing, “Dad, really! How could the Government fail us?” Then Hurricane Katrina happened!  Sadly, when the proverbial dog doo hits the fan, we’re toast. So what do you do?

Food, water and shelter, I have enough food and water to last for two months, but eventually, you’re going to run out of clean water. Do you know how to purify water? Stocking up on canned and other katana1non-perishables is good, but what about heat and medications?  I have two generators, but what good will they be if there’s no fuel? Will Drug Stores stay opened during the apocalypse? Ha! Do you see where I’m going …scary, right? And what if some bad guys want your food and water or a gaggle of stray zombies are looking for a quick snack and you’re it? I believe in owning a gun or two for protection or to hunt for food. I’m not talking assault rifles, but a shotgun and a hand gun like a Smith and Wesson 9 MM, plus a Katana, for those pesky flesh eaters, just like Michonne (Danai Gurira) has in “The Walking Dead.”  More on zombies after the jump.

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Watch With Amanda: What’s on TV This Week? December 17 – 21

Happy Holidays everyone! See you in 2013!

This week: Peace out, Gossip Girl! Also… tis the season for cheesy Christmas specials!


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Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide: DC Comics: Year By Year A Visual Chronicle Updated Edition

Our friends at DK Publishing produce some truly amazing books but they’ve outdone themselves this year with their 2012 version of the slipcase hardcover: DC Comics: Year By Year A Visual Chronicle Updated Edition. Not only is it a great looking tome, but DK has actually made some sense of the DC Universe’s intricately tangled (and fanboy infuriating) eight decades worth of story continuity while laying the groundwork for the next set of important stories to unfurl.

It’s a lovely sight to behold!

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