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The Many Faces of A Christmas Carol

carol1There are more than a few films considered to be traditional, or even required, viewing every year at Christmas time. There’s A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, one of the many versions of Miracle on 34th Street (though I prefer the original 1947 one myself), The Santa Clause, Home Alone, Die Hard, and for the more twisted folks like me, there’s also the 1959 Mexican classic Santa Claus. There’s also Elf, Holiday Inn, The Bishop’s Wife, and another of my favorites, Love Actually.

Yeah, those are all good, but really none of them really holds a candle to the all time classic story of the Christmas spirit – Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, specifically the 1951 version, Scrooge. We’ll take a look at why that’s at the top of the heap and the king of the Christmas movies, in my opinion at least, after the jump.

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