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Watch With Amanda: What’s On TV This Week? December 3 – 9

This week: Santa Claus shows up at Briarcliff and Sons of Anarchy Season 5 comes to an end.


What will you be watching?

Monday December 3rd
How I Met Your Mother (8pm): A determined Robin contemplates one last fling with Barney and devises a scheme to entice him into an assignation. Meanwhile, Ted steps in as Marvin’s nanny, and Marshall and Lily realize there’s a definite motive behind the move.

Bones (8pm): A psychic joins the investigation of the death of a little boy whose soul is believed to be still alive, prompting the team members to reflect on their beliefs of life after death.

Gossip Girl (9pm): Serena and Dan host a Thanksgiving dinner for their friends. Meanwhile, Blair tries to help a dispirited Chuck, who feels unsuccessful in the war against his father; and Dan is hesitant to publish his latest article, fearing it will ruin a friendship.
Hawaii Five-0 (10pm): Max and a cute bank teller he’s attracted to are put in harm’s way during a botched bank robbery. The investigation reveals that the thieves had unexpected motives for attempting the heist. Meanwhile, Danny protects a model from a stalker.
Castle (10pm): A man resembling Santa Claus is found dead in Central Park, and Castle and Beckett uncover some unsavory things about him as they investigate his murder. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett prepare to celebrate their first Christmas as a couple.

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The Walking Dead Recap – Season 3, Episode 8: Made to Suffer

Glenn Vs. Walker in Episode 7

Glenn Vs. Walker in Episode 7

On episode 7, we were made to watch the brutal beating of Glenn by the Governor’s henchman, Merle. Glenn stayed loyal to the team and refused to reveal the location of his friends so Merle upped the level of terror by sending in a walker to attack the trussed up Glenn. Thank goodness for my ulcer, Glenn was able to break free and kill the walker. Maggie, faced with Glenn’s brains being splattered all over the room, told the Governor everything he wanted to know, but knowing the Governor, our lovers are not out of the woods yet.

In the meantime, Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Oscar are preparing to break into the town and rescue their friends. And what’s with Andrea? This is a smart woman who has so far survived the apocalypse… so why is she falling for the Governor’s weak explanations of certain events. Is she just playing dumb until she figures out how to escape or is she under the spell of a madman? Let’s find out together after the jump.

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Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide – Jaws: Memories From Martha’s Vineyard

While no one can deny the lasting impression that the movie Jaws has had on audiences around the world, what isn’t discussed very often is the impact that the filming of the blockbuster film had on the community of Martha’s Vineyard, and the legacy that it left there.

Matt Taylor’s coffee table book Jaws: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard tells the story of a town completely immersed in the filming of Jaws.
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