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Saturday At The Movies: Eraserhead

Jack Nance as Henry Spencer

I love horror films, but there are a few that have worked their way into the recess of my mind and made a permanent home for themselves. One such film was Eraserhead, a 1977 black and white film which went past the definition of surreal. Eraserhead was written, produced and directed by filmmaker David Lynch, who would later go on to direct such movies as The Elephant Man, Dune, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive. This dark and brooding film may have been inspired by Lynch’s fear of fatherhood, his daughter’s extensive surgery for her severely clubbed feet and his five years of living in a troubled neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Hmmm… thought provoking since I was born and raised in Philadelphia and I love horror stories.  More about David Lynch’s Eraserhead after the jump.

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Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide: iPhone 5

What can be said about the iPhone 5 when one is upgrading from a first generation Motorola Razr? Yeah. That’s right. Up until October of this year, yours truly was stuck in the dark ages, contacting friends and family via a device, not five years old, in a form of communication akin to Morse code, telegrams or…smoke signals.

Taking photographs? Yeah, the Razr did that. Grainy, washed out pictures frustratingly tucked away in some labyrinthine subfolder that took numerous pushes of a button to find. Texting? Yeah, it did that too. Push three times for the letter “c” and all that. Predictive text, here, is a boon only if you’re looking to communicate comedy gold. When I caught my two-year-old Goddaughter frustratingly pushing the Motorola “M” symbol on the flip cover in hopes of having the “home” screen light up in front of her, I knew it was time to upgrade. Never mind her insistent (and disappointing) swiping across the miniature screen.

“Hello Moto”? More like “Goodbye and good riddance”! This is a gift guide column dedicated to the brilliance of the iPhone 5. Bigger, better, faster.

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