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Your Spider Sense Will Be Tingling With The Amazing Spider-Man # 700 On The Wednesday Run – December 26, 2012

That tingling sensation you’re currently feeling in your fingertips, your toes, your arms, your legs and/or your chest?

It’s not that extra helping from the holiday gravy boat or the excessive eggnog you’ve imbibed over the last few days. You’re not about to have a stroke from eating too much of the honey-glazed spiral ham and it’s not the heightened effect of tryptophan from all that good, good turkey eating either. That feeling, my friends, is your pop-cultured spider-sense: an early warning system set to caution you on potential pop-culture threats.

So, why is it tingling so acutely right now? Brace yourselves. Today marks the end of an era.

Today, the long-running Amazing Spider-Man monthly comic book series ends with issue #700. And I’m afraid our favourite web-headed superhero won’t be making it into a new issue #1.

Wait. WHAT???

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Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide Boxing Day Bonus – Movies Galore!

Happy boxing day, Biff Bam Poppers! Hopefully you had a joyeux noel and a kick-ass festivus, full of lots of gift cards under the tree that you’re itching to utilize asap. On that note, here’s some recommended under the radar movie purchases for that Best Buy, Future Shop, HMV or Sunrise Records gift certificate (or Amazon-reserved cash) burning a hole in your pocket.

Chained-CoverChained – One of my favourite movies of the year, staring Vincent D’Onofrio as a serial killer taxi driver who takes a victims son as his own. This is seriously dark stuff, but director Jennifer Lynch makes her third film a disturbing and engrossing tour de force.

Find out what else you should pick up on Boxing Day after the jump!
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