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Goood Evening? Emily McGuiness Reviews Hitchcock

Christmas is in the air and it’s time once again for the studios to throw whatever they have at us in hopes we’ll make it to the theater. It was with great enthusiasm that I sat down to watch Hitchcock, the film about that director we all know and love in what had to be the coldest theater on the planet. It’s winter in LA – stop it with the God-*@//&#$ air conditioning! I’m not sure what I thought I was going to get out of this film – maybe some sordid details about Hitchcock’s supposed affairs with his leading ladies, or a window on a tortured genius – but the film certainly wasn’t that.

Check out the trailer and find out what it was after the jump!

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Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide: WWE Blu-Rays & The WWE Encyclopedia

If there’s a wrestling fan in your life, this holiday season there are a ton of great gifts out there. So many that if you give that special someone even just one, you’re guranteed to receive a promo of love if (yes, I’m talking wrestling-speak here). While all the monthly WWE Pay-Per-Views are available if you missed any during the course of the year (Wrestlemania being the biggest and Hell In The Cell in the most recent release), WWE has also put out a strong bunch of Blu-Rays/DVDs based on some of their most popular moments and athletes. Here’s a few recommendation:

CM Punk Best In The WorldCM Punk: Best In The World: this documentary highlights the ups and downs that the biggest breakthrough star of the last few years has faced as he’s climbed to the top of the WWE. Many critics have called this the best documentary WWE has produced since The Rise and Fall of ECW nearly ten years ago. The three-DVD/two-Blu-Ray set includes Punk’s most memorable matches and promos and is essential viewing for all fans.

Find out what else is on our WWE must-have list after the jump!
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