Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide: iPhone 5

What can be said about the iPhone 5 when one is upgrading from a first generation Motorola Razr? Yeah. That’s right. Up until October of this year, yours truly was stuck in the dark ages, contacting friends and family via a device, not five years old, in a form of communication akin to Morse code, telegrams or…smoke signals.

Taking photographs? Yeah, the Razr did that. Grainy, washed out pictures frustratingly tucked away in some labyrinthine subfolder that took numerous pushes of a button to find. Texting? Yeah, it did that too. Push three times for the letter “c” and all that. Predictive text, here, is a boon only if you’re looking to communicate comedy gold. When I caught my two-year-old Goddaughter frustratingly pushing the Motorola “M” symbol on the flip cover in hopes of having the “home” screen light up in front of her, I knew it was time to upgrade. Never mind her insistent (and disappointing) swiping across the miniature screen.

“Hello Moto”? More like “Goodbye and good riddance”! This is a gift guide column dedicated to the brilliance of the iPhone 5. Bigger, better, faster.

iphone5-front-backFirst and foremost, and in broad strokes, the iPhone 5 is a beautifully functional piece of industrial design, thinner and much lighter than previous iterations. It’s easy to hold and use. You’ll notice that straight away. The tempered glass front with gunmetal gray backing surrounding a polished Apple logo – it’s a shame to hide it away in a protective case.

Those who know me know that I’ve not the strongest pair of eyes – but the retina display here is absolutely gorgeous and its larger size (4-inches) allows for an important fifth row of apps – all the better to line up the Instagram application beside your Twitter and Facebook icons. The photos you take open effortlessly with the faster processor, and oh! That camera! It’s been suped up in this version of the phone. You’re now able to take seamless, high-resolution panorama photos of up to 28 megapixels as well as 1080p HD video!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of employing Siri before, let me tell you that it’s a great, reliable way to wake you up in the morning or to dictate texts, emails and reminders – although Siri (still a beta, after all) won’t be winning any National Spelling Bee competitions anytime soon.

Of course, there’s all the apps you could ever want available on the iPhone 5, including the tried and true Facebook, Twitter (I no longer have to text Tweets!) and the previously mentioned Instagram to name a few of the more popular social networking applications. Games like Walking Dead, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises run just as fast and as smooth as Bejeweled or Words With Friends. Sure, those of you that have older Apple hardware are going to complain about the new, much smaller, lightning connector, but you’re just one small accessory (sold separately) away from enjoying better sound and clearer visuals in a mobile phone.

For those that want and/or enjoy the Apple ecosystem: from desktop or laptop, to iPod or iPad, the iPhone 5 is the only phone you’ll need over the coming years. Visit your local Apple store, either at a physical location or online, or contact your local phone provider – and take a bite of the future for either yourself or a loved one this holiday season!

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