Find Furtive & Noirish Danger With ‘Spy Superb #1’ On The Wednesday Run

For some reason inexplicable reason, I missed this one last week. Some confusion over release dates – or, more likely, a New Year’s hangover.

We here at Biff Bam Pop! have a long and storied love affair with the award-winning comic book writer and artist, Matt Kindt, and all of his deep-state, eyebrow-raising, mysterious noir comic book creations that are, most importantly, always so much fun to read.

Whether it’s his enthralling Mind MGMT series (an all-time fave), his immersive DEPT.H. deep water sci-fi murder mystery experience or his meta Super Spy series of espionage tales, Kindt is always one to watch.

No one pushes the physical boundaries of what comics can be, look like, or make readers do like Kindt. Heck, under the previously mentioned Mind MGMT title, he put a comic book on a vinyl record for heaven’s sake!

Last week, the creator saw a return to his spy story best with the first issue of the three-part Spy Superb miniseries courtesy of long-time co-conspirator in publisher Dark Horse Comics (and under Kindt’s own in-house publishing banner, Flux House)!

Re-teaming with his wife, artist Sharlene Kindt, who provides colours over Matt’s pencils (they worked so finely together on DEPT.H. as well), Spy Superb pushes the noirish spy genre to ridiculous – and absolutely riveting lengths. 

What makes for the perfect spy? How about a spy who doesn’t even know that he is one!

And that’s what Spy Superb is about. The useful idiot, here named Jay, upon which the entire outcome of the mission rests! Answering the wrong phone and picking up the wrong secret intel has got government agents and Russian hit squads after him! Armed with a high degree of obliviousness and a distinct lack of survival skills, this assignment all hinges on the globetrotting Jay – the Spy Suburb!

Nothing is at it seems and yet, it all is as well!

Make the so-covert-that-you-don’t-even-know-that-it-is-covert run to your local comic book shop today and pick up (last week’s) fun and thrilling Spy Superb #1

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