The Walking Dead Recap – Season 3, Episode 8: Made to Suffer

Glenn Vs. Walker in Episode 7
Glenn Vs. Walker in Episode 7

On episode 7, we were made to watch the brutal beating of Glenn by the Governor’s henchman, Merle. Glenn stayed loyal to the team and refused to reveal the location of his friends so Merle upped the level of terror by sending in a walker to attack the trussed up Glenn. Thank goodness for my ulcer, Glenn was able to break free and kill the walker. Maggie, faced with Glenn’s brains being splattered all over the room, told the Governor everything he wanted to know, but knowing the Governor, our lovers are not out of the woods yet.

In the meantime, Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Oscar are preparing to break into the town and rescue their friends. And what’s with Andrea? This is a smart woman who has so far survived the apocalypse… so why is she falling for the Governor’s weak explanations of certain events. Is she just playing dumb until she figures out how to escape or is she under the spell of a madman? Let’s find out together after the jump.

Chad Coleman as Tyreese
Chad Coleman as Tyreese


A favorite character from the comic series, Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and four others are fighting their way through a group of walkers, when one of the female members is bitten. They see the prison tower and head towards an opening in the gate.


Andrea tells the Governor that she is going to help Milton bury Mr. Coleman. The Governor tries to spend some quality time with his daughter Penny by singing a lullaby to calm her, but she’s a walker and a lullaby won’t stem her hunger. Frustrated the Governor puts her back inside the cage and then makes plans to send a group of men to the prison to attack the people inside. He also needs to do away with Glenn and Maggie before Andrea finds out that their there. But Glenn is a crafty survivalist and her rips off the arm of the walker he had to kill and makes a weapon from the sheared bone. When Merle and his men come in to kill them, Maggie and Glenn put up a fight, but they are outnumbered. Rick and the team rescue Maggie and Glenn just in the nick of time. Michonne separates from the group, she is on a mission.


When Daryl learns from Maggie and Glen that Merle is alive, he wants to find his brother. Rick tells him that the group needs his help to escape. Daryl had to choose and he backs Rick. Using smoke bombs, Rick and the group try to make it out of town. Andrea, not knowing it’s her friends, starts shooting at them. She tells the Governor that one of the men had a prison jumpsuit on. During the fighting, Rick thinks he sees Shane and shoots, but it was an illusion and that man he shot is not Shane.


Michonne goes back to the Governor’s house where she finds the fish tanks and zombie heads. She also finds the cage with Penny. Thinking the hooded child is human; she undoes the chain, but after removing the hood is shocked to see that Penny is a walker. She’s about to kill the child when the Governor walks in and pleads for Penny’s life. Michonne kills the pint size walker and the Governor goes berserk on Michonne. This is a fight to the death. Michonne pokes out the Governor’s right eye and is about to katana him but Andrea walks in. After Michonne leaves, Andrea notices the zombie heads and the dead Penny.


Carol is uncomfortable with Axel talking to Beth and tells him so. While Carl, Hershel and Beth are talking, they hear screaming. Carl goes to investigate and walks in on Tyreese and his group fighting off some walkers. He leads them to a safe section, but locks them in the cell. He tells them that there is food and water and the cell is secure. Tyreese has to tend to the female member who was bitten.


Andrea starts to question the Governor about Michonne, the fish tank of heads and Penny. He gives her some song and dance and she believes him. Wake up Andrea!! Michonne makes it back to Rick and the group, but Daryl is nowhere to be found.

Season 8 ends with the Governor making a speech to the townsfolk. He tells them that the intruders were terrorists and that Merle is a traitor. Daryl has been captured and the Governor plans to kill the brothers. Will Merle and Daryl be fed to the biters? Will the prison be attacked by the Governor’s men? Will Andrea drop the loser? Will we be able to wait until February?

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