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The Expanse S01 E06: Retrofit


As Holden and his crew land on Tycho Station, Miller is kidnapped. Who would have guessed that the clue was hidden in a mechanical hamster? On last week’s episode of The Expanse, Fred Johnson offered sanctuary and Miller made a discovery, but what secrets does the microchip hold? Read the rest of this entry


The Expanse S01 E05: Back to the Butcher


I may have doubted the success of The Expanse after watching the first two episodes, but not anymore. Last week’s episode was dead on with the special effects and the suspense. While Miller went data digging on a corpse, Holden and his crew escaped on the Tachi. Someone from the Tycho Station has made an offer they can’t refuse. Should they accept? Read the rest of this entry

Syfy’s New Series: The Expanse


I was grieving over the news that my favorite science fiction show Defiance wasn’t returning for a fourth season, but there is a show that I’m really interested in watching. “The Expanse” is a bold space opera that takes place 200 years in the future when most of our solar system is colonized. Earth is under the authority of the U.N. and war is brewing between Mars and the people who work the mining outposts. I did watch the first episode, but do I feel that The Expanse will fill the gap left by Defiance? Rev up your space freighter and follow me to the Canterbury. Read the rest of this entry

The Walking Dead S05 E16: Conquer


On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” we witnessed Rick’s melt down. Hell! Rick is worried that the walls won’t hold and the people won’t fight. Unfortunately, what worked on the outside might not work in Alexandria’s version of the Emerald City. Rick has strayed from the yellow brick road and his fate lies in Deanna’s hands. Is she Glenda or the Wicked Witch? The only thing we know for sure is that the flying monkeys are gathering outside that wall. Read the rest of this entry

The Walking Dead S05 E09: What Happened and What’s Going On


It’s time to dig another grave. This time it’s for Beth, or is it. In a world where death reigns supreme and so many have died already, why did this death hit us so hard? Beth was our symbol of hope. This wisp of a girl with her gentle ways and her beautiful songs died defending a friend. Who will sing to us now? Noah suggests a new route and new hope for our team. What will they find? Read the rest of this entry

Steampunk Granny’s Interview with Dawn Noel, Part Two


In part one of my interview with actress and dancer, Dawn Noel, we talked about our hometown South Philly and left off with a short film she produced and starred in with Chad Coleman… yes, my little walkers, that Chad Coleman better known to all us fans as Tyreese on “The Walking Dead.” Dawn is now working on another short film called Twenty Two Years. Does South Philly produce more than its share of talented stars? Find out after the jump.

Read the rest of this entry

Steampunk Granny Interviews Actress, Dancer and Producer Dawn Noel, Part One


I really enjoy interviewing people. The other week, my niece, Anna Nicole Moses, mentioned that she was friends with actress Dawn Noel. After checking out Dawn’s IMDb and her website, I was hooked. After learning that Dawn hails from my old neighborhood; I was ecstatic. Check out the first part of the interview, after the jump.

Read the rest of this entry

The Walking Dead S05 E02: Strangers


Played like the second half of a Super Bowl game, last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” showed how Team Cattle royally kicked Team Butcher’s butt, and we can thank Carol aka Wonder Woman for that victory. Now if we can only have Carol dispose of ISIS. Carol could do this with one arm tied behind her back. On the run again, Team Rick needs to find supplies, but will it be worth the risk? Read the rest of this entry

The Walking Dead S05 E01: No Sanctuary

The Walking Dead Season 5 Comic Con Trailer 006

When we last met on “The Walking Dead,” Team Rick and his group were searching for sanctuary. What they got was a nightmare named Mary and Gareth. Rick and the gang are locked up in a cattle car and their combined asses are on the line; the food line that is, if the people of Terminus have their way. Who will save them? Read the rest of this entry

Steampunk Granny’s Interview with Actor Brandon Fobbs, Part Two

Brandon Fobbs & Norman Reedus

Brandon Fobbs and Norman Reedus

Hello, my little zombie snacks, and especially those of you who watch “The Walking Dead.”  We are back again with the second half of Brandon Fobbs’ interview and touching base with the character that he played on season four of “The Walking Dead”.  When we left off in part one, Brandon was telling me how he got involved with the show.  Read more after the break. Read the rest of this entry

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