Bond on Set: Filming Skyfall

Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of James Bond in the movies, Skyfall is the twenty-third official film in the series, and is now showing in theaters across the world. Today, I’m going to take a look at a new book from DK Publishing – “Bond on Set: Filming Skyfall” by Greg Williams. More after the jump.

This is the fourth “Bond on Set” book by Greg Williams, but not his only book, nor his only claim to fame. A photojournalist for magazines such as Esquire, GQ, and Vanity Fair among others, he has done several books as official photographer on the sets of many movies. He is also a digital video pioneer and developed the ‘moto,’ a technique of creating digital moving photos. Yeah, he’s all that and a bag of video chips, but he’s also a big James Bond fan.

I also am a big Bond fan. I’ve seen all the movies, including the oddities Never Say Never Again, and the farce and TV versions of Casino Royale, at least a dozen times. I’ve read the books and stories by Ian Fleming, John Gardner and the rest. Yeah, super fan here, and that’s why looking at “Bond on Set: Filming Skyfall” was such a thrill.

At this writing, I’ve yet to see Skyfall. It’s only just opened here in the States, but the book whets my appetite for the film even more than the awesome previews have. The book is put together with excerpts from the shooting script, includes shots of the cast and crew on and off the set. Williams is a master photographer, his stills telling more than mere words.

“Bond on Set: Filming Skyfall” by Greg Williams is a stunning visual record of the newest Bond film, starring Daniel Craig and directed by Sam Mendes. Recommended for all Bond fans, it’s a work of art.

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