Mat Langford’s Gaming World – Infect the world with Infectonator!

In keeping with the Halloween inspired theme of the month I give you my review of Infectonator, an 8-bit zombie infection game on the iOS.

If you’ve ever wanted to spread plague and virus on unsuspecting countries and cities in the hopes of inciting complete panic and the destruction of the entire planet, well then my friend, this is your game! (ps. You’re sick!)

Infectonator, though, is possibly the cutest way you could ever destroy the world. While the subject matter is somewhat dark – with you dropping zombies and plague on major cities and countries – it allows you to do so in glorious 8-bit throwback graphics! They’re the cutest looking zombies to ever decimate the world’s population! The game itself is quite simple, really. You have 10 different zombies to choose from, all (sort of) named after pop culture references. You’ve got your regular zombies, who just run around biting people, but then a slew of other awesome ones including ILL Kim Jong – who revives the people he kills as zombies to fight with you – and Jackon, who raises an army of undead that dance to Thriller while wreaking havoc. There are also support zombies like Kruggy and Jayson, who raise your attack and defense respectively.

As far as playing the actual game, it’s simply a matter of dropping your selected units strategically on the city so that you get the best infection coverage possible. Each level plays out differently, and the difficulty varies depending on the size of the city you’re attacking. There are rewards for infecting an entire city within a certain time limit as well as gathering certain amounts of coins – the games currency that allows you to buy new units as well as support items such as grenades, landmines, etc.

The game occasionally drops super enemies on-screen that take ridiculous amounts of damage and severely hamper your takeover attempts. You get rewards for taking them down as well, as you slowly make your way through all of the major cities in the world on your path to complete infection.

The game has it’s flaws though, as dropping units is sometimes blocked by invisible barriers, and the levels sometimes go on forever even after all of your units have been defeated. Small issues, but when you’re SO close to finishing a level, and then lose because of them, they can be frustrating.

It’s a great game to pass the time on the subway or during a commute as the levels rarely last longer than a few minutes. There isn’t a ton of variety in the missions, so it can become a little repetitive, and depending on your commute time, this game may get a little boring before you reach your destination.

It’s definitely worth a download though, it’s FREE as of the writing of this article, so give it a shot and see what you think!

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