American Horror Story: Asylum – Season 2, Episode 3: Nor’easter

I bet the network was freaking out when they learned that the third episode of AHS: Asylum was going to air on Halloween. If that wasn’t crazy enough, the episode revolves around a vicious storm, and this weekend my area was in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Coincidence? Or do Murphy and Falchuk have occult powers?

Nor’easter opens with more violence being wreaked on Leo and Teresa at the hands of Bloody Face. Leo (Adam Levine) is miraculously still alive after the wounds endured in the previous episode, but after this week’s surprise close the the prologue, we may have finally seen the last of him. Very curious to see how the action set in 2012 will tie in with the 1964 events.

After the opening titles, we are transported back to the 60s and within the walls of Briarcliff, which is quickly becoming one of the most uncomfortable settings in the history of horror films. The afforementioned storm is about to hit, Sister Eunice is possessed and causing all sorts of trouble. Most notable are the baiting of Sister Jude by giving her a stack of mail that includes a newspaper article that details a tragedy from Sister Jude’s past, and the murder of The Mexican, an inmate who seems to know Eunice’s demonic nature.

Meanwhile, Dr. Arden believes Kit was sent by a government agency to spy on him after he examines the chip that was in Kit’s neck. He ends up with his own troubles as Sister Eunice tries to seduce him.

Everything comes to a head when four of the inmates, including Kit and Lana, try to escape from the asylum while everyone is watching Cecil B. DeMille’s Sign of the Cross during the storm. Shelley, one of the sexually adventurous inmates, distracts one of the guards while the other three make it outside. Once there, they come face-t0-face with Arden’s creatures, which are kind of like zombies, and they run back into Briarcliff, their escape attempt thwarted. Shelley is captured by Arden who has been having a meltdown since Sister Eunice’s attempted seduction. Sister Jude ends movie night and falsely believes the escapees to be Shelley, The Mexican (who Sister Eunice murdered), and Pepper, who is missing. The episode ends with Shelley in Arden’s lab with both her legs amputated.

This was a great episode. Highlights include: Dr. Arden’s freaking out and putting makeup on a Mary statue before breaking it, Sister Jude coming face to face with one of Kit’s extraterrestrial assailants, finally getting a good look at the beasts that wander the garden surrounding the asylum, and Adam Levine continuing to  suffer.

Next week’s episode is “I Am Anne Frank, Part 1.”

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  1. I watched last night’s show and it was a “chew your fingernails to the quick” type of show. I’m hoping that the aliens do in that crazy Dr. Arden. I missed show two and for some reason Comcast’s on demand did not have it 🙁

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