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Immortals Reigns Supreme – Box Office Wrap-Up Report For Weekend of November 11th

As predicted, Immortals took the top of the box office, while Adam Sandler’s cross-dressing extravaganza Jack and Jill exceeded my expectations. In the meantime, Tower Heist dropped and J. Edgar didn’t even really make it out of the gates. Here’s how the weekend turned out:

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Illuminatus! Trilogy: “They” with a capital “T”

You probably hear the word thrown out offhandedly; maybe you played a board game when you were in high school; maybe you listen to the wrong radio stations. Maybe it just got shouted down the bar from you the other night in the middle of a heated political discussion after someone’s fifth cheap whisky.

Why is there an eye on a pyramid on the American dollar bill?

Who killed Marilyn Monroe?

What is “Fnord”?

Wait, forget that last one.

What are the dolphins up to?

Why does nobody talk about George Washington’s past as a hemp farmer?

What is the connection between Atlantis and the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”?

Who are the Illuminati?

And finally… what is the significance of the number five in so many suspicious places?

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