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5 Reasons why NBC’s ‘Community’ should be saved

Dear NBC Executives (& fans of good television):

What are you thinking?

Maybe something messed up in your P.R. office, but the NBC midseason schedule is clearly in error.

Community, usually slotted for Thursdays at 8, is missing.

What is, without question, the smartest comedy on network television has been “shelved” for the time being, to be replaced by the return of 30 Rock.

That’s nice.  And safe.  And predictable.

And wrong.

Here are more than just five of the best moments from Community, but five reasons why the show deserves to be saved:

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Batman Issue 3 and Morning Glories 14 Headline The Comic Stop

This week in The Comic Stop, Scott Snyder finds the perfect melding of detective comic and super hero story, while Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma continue their brilliant run on the comic book world’s answer to Lost. The shop is open. Come on inside.

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