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Perry Schwartz’s RDIO Cure – Kelly Clarkson Gets Stronger and Brian Wilson Gets Disney

Not a particularly stellar week of new material to cover.  At this time of year many of the new releases are compilations, greatest hits packages and holiday records.  Nothing wrong with any of these formats but I’m not planning to cover compilations or greatest hits and we’ll save our review of holiday albums until we’ve heard from the Beiber.

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Remember, remember – V, Guy Fawkes and that day in November

This Saturday occupies a very interesting date on the calendar.

We’ll get to why in a moment, but first, a question:

Does this face to the left look familiar to you?  Can you put a name to it?

If you said V, from V for Vendetta, you’re right.

But that face stands for a whole lot more than just one of Alan Moore’s great works.

To some, it’s the face of religiously-inspired terrorism.

To others, it’s counter-culture made material.

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The Comic Stop: Peanuts #0, Doc Bizarre, M.D., Uncanny X-Men #1

Good ole’ Charlie Brown is back, the doctor is in and another first issue featuring the X-Men are all featured this week in The Comic Stop. Read which are worth checking out and which you may take a pass on after the jump!

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