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Immortals – The Anti-Climactic Epic

Immortals (in 3D) comes out today and I had a chance to catch the preview screening. Considering the movie is basically being sold on the success of 300, it would have been hard for Immortals to live up to peoples expectations.

With a few killer CGI fight scenes and a lot of recycled 300 camera angles, Immortals is just entertaining enough to make it worth checking out in 3D… but just barely.

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Corina’s Cartoon Cuts: South Park 1%

Last week South Park took a stab at the #Occupy movement in the 1% episode; and as usual they hit the nail on the head in satirizing the inherent generalization of the 99%. With media posed to exploit any occupation they can find, South Park’s lesser known fast food hangout becomes the scene of #OccupyRedRobin in protest of the Presidential Fitness Test.

But all satire aside, the best part of this episode? It’s all about Cartman.
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The Obdurate Past – Stephen King’s 11/22/63 Reviewed

Ask anyone where they were on November 22, 1963, and I’m sure they can tell you. To date, I have you to meet anyone who was alive that day who didn’t know exactly where they were and what they were doing. The only similar experiences I can draw upon from my own lifetime were the death of Princess Diana on August 31, 1997 and the horrible sequence of events that ended in the tragedy of September 11, 2011. I feel the second of these is far more akin to the assassination of President Kennedy: horrible tragedy, worldwide effects, and, sadly, a hotbed of conspiracy theories.

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Adam Sandler in drag vs J. Edgar…in drag – Biff Bam Pop’s Box Office Predictions for November 11th, 2011

Some people love Adam Sandler, others not so much. You can count me firmly in that camp. So I ask you, what could be worse than an Adam Sandler film? The answer, my friend, is simple:

Adam Sandler in drag.

That’s what we’re getting this weekend, along with Leonardo DiCaprio as J. Edgar and Mickey Rourke as an Immortal. Here’s how I see the weekend playing out.

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