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Jonathan Maberry: The King of the Zombies Talks – A Biff Bam Pop Exclusive Interview

Since his Stoker Award winning first novel Ghost Road Blues, Jonathan Maberry has been one of the most prolific writers of the last 5 years, working on everything from adult novels (the Joe Ledger Series), young adult titles (Rot and Ruin, Dust and Decay), non-fiction titles (Zombie CSU and Wanted: Undead Or Alive, which I was lucky enough to be featured in) and comic books (Marvel Universe Vs The Punisher, Marvel Universe Vs Wolverine, Black Panther). Jonathan’s latest endeavour is his first standalone novel, Dead of Night. It’s also, in my opinion, his best work yet (you can check out our review here). Set in small town called Stebbins County, Dead of Night traces the spread of a manmade disease that turns anybody infected into zombies. In the middle of a brutal storm, two cops, JT and Dez, work to protect the town while reporter Billy Trout uncovers the truth of the zombies, where they came from and what could happen if the virus spreads.

A long time friend of the site, Jonathan was kind enough to answer some questions via email about Dead Of Night, his creative process, what he was listening to while working and much more.

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