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Biff Bam Pop Unboxes Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

Back in September, the massive Why Pink Floyd? reissue campaign began, featuring remastered versions of all of Pink Floyd’s studio albums, available separately or in a gorgeous Discovery box set. As well, Dark Side of the Moon was reissued in an Immersion box set – a multi-disc cd, dvd and Blu-Ray set, complete with all sorts of awesome goodies for the die-hard Pink Floyd fan. You can go back and watch that one here.

This past Tuesday saw the release of two more Floyd reissues – the new single cd best of, titled A Foot In The Door, and the Wish You Were Here five-disc Immersion box set. If you, like Brad Pitt in Seven, want to know “what’s in the box?”, take a look at our latest video unboxing for all the details.


Take The Red Pill – The Matrix Conspiracy

I submit, for your conspiracy consideration, The Matrix – one of my all time favourite mind-blowing conspiracies. Now, I’ll admit that movie enthusiasts and college professors have ruined the metaphorical subtly of the franchise (and the third film didn’t help) but I firmly propose that The Matrix is one of the best examples of this week’s Biff Bam Pop theme… because EVERYTHING is a big fat conspiracy.

Marvel’s Point One Tops The Wednesday Run – November 9, 2011

Since the end of the summer, the comic book news world has done nothing but revolve around DC’s New 52, DC’s New 52, DC’s New 52 – the publishing company’s reboot of their characters in order to make them more accessible to new (and old) readers.

Believe me – that news, ongoing for many months now, has not been boring. Anything but, actually.

Still, the other guy (of the big two comic book publishers), Marvel Comics, has been pretty quiet, hanging out in the reeds, watching, planning, waiting for a day to share an earth-shaking news opportunity of their own. Today, Wednesday, November 9th, might be that day.

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Hellboy as Luchadore? Guest Blogger Jason Janarious reviews the new one-shot, House of The Living Dead

When was the last time you received a good mix tape? One that had a range of great songs that built up nicely and hit all of the right notes?
Now take a badass demon and instead of songs, insert your dream list of classic monsters and there you have Mike Mignola’s Hellboy – House of the Living Dead.
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