Biff Bam Pop Unboxes Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

Back in September, the massive Why Pink Floyd? reissue campaign began, featuring remastered versions of all of Pink Floyd’s studio albums, available separately or in a gorgeous Discovery box set. As well, Dark Side of the Moon was reissued in an Immersion box set – a multi-disc cd, dvd and Blu-Ray set, complete with all sorts of awesome goodies for the die-hard Pink Floyd fan. You can go back and watch that one here.

This past Tuesday saw the release of two more Floyd reissues – the new single cd best of, titled A Foot In The Door, and the Wish You Were Here five-disc Immersion box set. If you, like Brad Pitt in Seven, want to know “what’s in the box?”, take a look at our latest video unboxing for all the details.

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  1. The card sets should come with “Madcap Bubblegum” or something like that. Cool unboxing.

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