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Creations of Chaos: Whisper of the Heart

On this edition of Creations of Chaos, the film that nails what it’s like to be a writer, it’s Studio Ghibli’s, Whisper of the Heart.


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The GAR! Podcast: Bryan J.L. Glass – The Camden Comic Con 2015 Interview


Biff Bam Pop! presents The GAR! Podcast, the Glenn Walker and Ray Cornwall weekly podcast where they talk unrehearsed about whatever happens to come to mind. It’s an audio-zine for your mind, a nerd exploration of a nerd world. This week’s episode, recorded live at the Camden Comic Con can be found right here, and features a very special interview with award-winning comic book writer Bryan J.L. Glass, more details after the jump.

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Write or Wrong – The Dirk Manning Interview

WoW----Final-Front-CoverDirk Manning is the writer of the Write or Wrong column at Newsarama and the writer/creator of Nightmare World for Image Comics, and that’s just the tip of the creative iceberg. For the last five years I have been a huge fan of his Newsarama column, frequently sharing it with my writing friends and writers groups that I belong to. Several of the columns have been combined into a book: “WRITE OR WRONG: A Writer’s Guide to Creating Comics,” available now from Amazon here.

Recently I had the opportunity to ask Dirk a few questions. Here’s that interview:

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Apocalypse November: Swan Song

Earlier this month, Biff Bam Pop!’s own Marie Gilbert wrote about Stephen King’s apocalyptic opus, The Stand. That is one of my favorite books, and its comparison to another book got me interested in the works of another king of suspense, and his magnum opus of the world after a terrible disaster. After the jump, I’ll tell you about Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon.

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What The Heck Is NaNoWriMo 2012?

What the hell is NaNoWriMo? It’s a fun acronym for the National Novel Writing Month. What the hell is National Novel Writing Month? It’s a month-long marathon in which you dedicate yourself to writing 50,000 words in 30 days. Yes, 30 days, one month and at the end you have a novel. Well, probably more accurately, a rough first draft. That’s roughly 1,700 words a day. It might seem like a lot at first, but you’ll get used to writing that much in no time.

How does one accomplish such a goal? Sit down somewhere comfortable and type. Reach 1,700 words. Repeat until you reach 50,000 words.
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eBook anthology to be released in the fall, featuring 13 unique horror, thriller and suspense stories, plus an intro by New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry.

BiffBamPop! Loho

August 7, 2012, Toronto, ON – BIFF BAM POP! has announced a tentative September 2012 release date for the inaugural horror, thriller and suspense project, Strange World: A Biff Bam Pop Short Story Anthology. The collection will be released in eBook format with an introduction from horror icon Jonathan Maberry.

The book will include 13 “imagination altering” short stories, all sourced from the BIFF BAM POP! community of writers and readers. With the success of last year’s Biff Bam Boo comics collection, the team behind the BIFF BAM POP! culture outlet expect to find an even bigger audience with the Strange World anthology.

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Exclusive: Christopher Golden Talks Baltimore, Vampires, Mike Mignola And More

Christopher Golden is a New York Times bestselling author who has put words into the mouths of iconic characters such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the X-Men. Recently, he’s been crafting the comic book exploits of Lord Baltimore, the character who first appeared in the novel Baltimore, or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and The Vampire, co-written by Golden and Mike Mignola. You can read our review for that classic book here. Christopher was kind enough to chat with me via email about the latest Baltimore mini-series from Dark Horse, Dr. Leskovar’s Remedy, his collaboration with Mike Mignola and artist Ben Stenbeck, he’s writing method, and much more.

Andy Burns: As someone who thought the original Baltimore novel was a wonderful and thoroughly engaging story, I’m wondering if the plan that you and Mike Mignola always had involved bringing the character to the comic book world? Or was there even a plan for him? 
Christopher Golden:  The only thing planned from the beginning was the novel.  We had some very vague conversations about writing a sequel to the novel, even while I was writing the original, but nothing concrete.  Once in a while, during the process of developing the initial Hollywood version that ended up not happening, we did sort of acknowledge to each other that one day it would be nice to fill in those missing years from the novel…that there were a lot of adventures to be told in that space.  At some point, one of those conversations just turned into, “let’s do it,” though I can’t honestly remember when or how that happened.
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March 12, 2012, Toronto, ON – Writers of horror, thriller and suspense… this is your FINAL call! The publishing team at BIFF BAM POP! has set a deadline of April 1st for submissions to their upcoming Short Story Anthology.

With a record breaking year for traffic to and the success of last year’s Biff Bam Boo comics collection, writers can be sure that a huge exposure opportunity will accompany an inclusion in this year’s anthology. Any aspiring horror, thriller and suspense writers are reminded that these are the final weeks to submit their work for consideration. The finished Anthology will feature hand-picked short fiction from authors big and small.

“Already the response and anticipation internationally for this project has been overwhelming,” says Andy Burns, Editor-In-Chief, BIFF BAM POP! “Everyone who has submitted a story so far understands the potential opportunities that can come from contributing to our anthology. If you’re a writer whose short fiction contains elements of the horror, thriller and/or suspense genres, we want to see your work.”

Writers must submit their original prose before the 11:59pm (ET) April 1st, 2012 deadline. A panel of BIFF BAM POP! representatives will review every submission received, and those selected will be published in the Short Story Anthology to be released this Fall.

Submissions can be sent to: (RTF or Microsoft Word files). Please see the official submission guidelines for complete information about submitting to the BIFF BAM POP! Short Story Anthology.


Established in August 2008, Biff Bam Pop! is a website devoted to the world of pop culture, from comic books and video games, to movies, books, and music.  For additional information, visit

For more information, please contact:

Andy Burns, Editor-In-Chief BIFF BAM POP!

Gentlemen Broncos in Saturday at the Movies

Bronco rides a BattlestagGentlemen Broncos is one of those awesome sci-fi movies about science fiction that is simply overlooked. The trial of a young unknown author, the plagiarism of his greatest work, good vs. evil, battle stags and yeast wars; YUP. Struggling sci-fi writers, this is a movie dedicated to you.

Like other Hess films (Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre) Gentlemen Broncos is non-descript, with a weird worn out kitsch character treatment; and this one is really weird – like, weird in a way that will make you afraid to use hand cream.

But if like me, you have ever romanticized the life of a successful writer or struggled to write a story; if you’ve voraciously read yellow TOR paperbacks; if you remain obsessively loyal to the campy origins of sci fi, you’re probably going to love Gentlemen Broncos.

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