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Doctor Who S10 E09: ‘Empress of Mars’


Traditionally Doctor Who is considered to be the protector of Earth and mankind against all manner of alien invaders, but what happens when it’s mankind who are the invaders, and the invades are former archenemies of The Doctor? That’s the conundrum when Victorian age explorers land on Mars amongst a hive of Ice Warriors – what will The Doctor do? Meet me after the small time and space jump for my thoughts on “Empress of Mars.”

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Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013 – TV on DVD

One year I gave my Dad Breaking Bad Season One on DVD. I think it’s the best gift I’ve ever given him.

Since binge-watching has become so popular, TV on DVD is a great gift to give someone that you might be stuck on. We all have our favourite series, and since there are so many amazing shows out there, it’s impossible to watch them all. I’m sure you know some people who have been deprived of The Sopranos or The Wire. Below are three suggestions of TV on DVD that would be great gifts to give someone, but really any show that you care passionately about would be perfect to share with a loved one. Read the rest of this entry

Watch With Amanda: What’s on TV This Week? March 4 – 10

amandaThis week, the ‘Hit List’ is read on Smash, everyone is dating on Psych, Justin Timberlake rocks Saturday Night Live, it’s Thanksgiving on Community, and then there’s the season finale of White Collar.

What will you be watching?

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