Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013 – TV on DVD

One year I gave my Dad Breaking Bad Season One on DVD. I think it’s the best gift I’ve ever given him.

Since binge-watching has become so popular, TV on DVD is a great gift to give someone that you might be stuck on. We all have our favourite series, and since there are so many amazing shows out there, it’s impossible to watch them all. I’m sure you know some people who have been deprived of The Sopranos or The Wire. Below are three suggestions of TV on DVD that would be great gifts to give someone, but really any show that you care passionately about would be perfect to share with a loved one.


Friday Night Lights: The Complete Series

I don’t watch football, I don’t understand football, I love Friday Night Lights. This, to me is the best television show ever created. Yup, even better than Breaking Bad and The Wire. It took me a long time watch it. I never watched when it aired on NBC for five seasons. Not many people did. It took my friend a long time to convince me to watch this show and since I finished, I’ve been convincing anyone who listens to give it a chance. It’s the greatest depiction of small town America, high school, relationships, marriage, men, and women that will ever grace anyone’s television. The stories and characters are not perfect in any sense, and that just adds to the perfection of the show. The writing, acting, music, and directing created an atmosphere of intimacy and a connection to fictional characters and storylines that most shows can only dream of. If you’re buying something for someone special, if you want to change someone’s life, If you want to be someone’s best friend forever, if you want to be someone’s #1 beneficiary on their will, get them Friday Night Lights: The Complete Series.


Vikings: Season One

One of my favourite shows from 2013 was Vikings. It didn’t get as many viewers as it should have. Probably due to the fact that it aired on History Channel, with some confusing it for a miniseries or boring historical documentary. It’s definitely not boring. Vikings revolves around legendary Norse ruler Ragnar Lodbrok who with his band of Viking brothers raids and pillages villages around Europe. The story of Ragnar may not be 100% accurate, but Vikings were real and fascinating, and are an important part to the medieval history of Europe. Although there are no dragons or warlocks, the series does explore some of the Norse mythology related to Gods and other beings from that time. The series was filmed in Ireland and Norway, which also makes Vikings visually appealing. Seasons One is now available on DVD and would be a great gift for fans of historical dramas like Game of Thrones or Spartacus, and also violent outlaw series like Sons Of Anarchy or Justified.


Six Feet Under: The Complete Series

If you know someone who is a fan of any critically acclaimed television show, then you need to get them Six Feet Under to add to their collection. From True Blood’s Alan Ball, Six Feet Under which aired on HBO, emerged in 2001 when most of us still spent our evenings watching network television. The series was about The Fisher’s and their Los Angeles funeral home, and began each episode with a death. It deals with many topics you would find in a family drama like infidelity, depression, commitment, adoption, religion, but stands out with its surreal focus on death. Since it aired, it’s been included on Time Magazine’s All-Time 100 TV Shows, and is known to have the greatest series finale in the history of television. It’s kind of funny because Michael C Hall stars in Six Feet Under which means he was involved in both the greatest series finale, and the worst series finale (Dexter) in the history of television. Vulture recently posted an article on the “Oral History of the Six Feet Under Finale”. Alan Ball and the shows key players talk about the finale and how they were affected by it, and some other really interesting tidbits which is a great read for a fan of the show.

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