A Tip Of The Sword To Viking Dads With ‘Sword Daughter #1’ On The Wednesday Run

If you didn’t already know, Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, June 17th. I know that Biff Bam Pop! will be soon be highlighting a number of fantastic pop culture treats for all the fathers out there – so keep your eyes peeled to this site over the next week!

But between then and now, we have a particular comic book to highlight – perfect for dads. And moms. And men. And women. And anybody who loves great comic books.

Released today, Sword Daughter #1 is a brand new monthly series by writer Brian Wood (Northlanders, The Massive, Briggs Land) and artist Mack Chater (Briggs Land, Lazarus), published via Dark Horse Comics.

Sword Daughter Brian Wood Mack Chater Dark Horse Comics Vikings comic books

Sword Daughter #1
Written By: Brian Wood
Illustrated By: Mack Chater
Published By: Dark Horse Comics

A quick flashback: When I was a young boy, I was given a gift of a cardboard and toothpick, DIY, Viking boat craft set. And I’d sit for hours working on the crafts in that box, putting together Viking barges with textured paper sails woven through sticks and small wooden buttons as Viking shields glued to each side of the boats.

So, I’ve always loved Vikings.

And I loved Brian Wood’s Northlanders series, a historical tale about Vikings. Not to mention his series from publisher Dark Horse Comics, The Massive, one of my all-time favourite comic book tales and a must-read if you have any interest in climate change.

With Sword Daughter, Wood is joined by artist Mack Chater (the two worked together on the critically acclaimed, monthly, Briggs Land series, also published by Dark Horse Comics) and tell the tale of Viking-era daughter and father.

Inspired by samurai cinema, Sword Daughter is a revenge-quest tale, where two survivors: a daughter and grief-stricken father, must come to terms with the murder of their entire clan. And set off through Viking Europe for their Viking-flavoured revenge!

On a monthly basis, it’s going to be an emotional and violent series, sure to satisfy all of us!

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and point your sword to Sword Daughter #1!

You can catch a preview of the first issue right here, courtesy of Dark Horse Comics!

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