Trailer Time: ‘Picard’ Teaser Raises One Major Question

‘Picard’ brings back one of the most popular characters in the ‘Star Trek’ universe with gravitas and mystery. Watch the teaser here!

Prime in the Dustbin: ‘The Freakmaker’ (1974)

Donald Pleasance as a science-crazed botany professor? Tom Baker as a seven-foot-tall giant with facial tumors? And this is really a real movie, for real? Sign me up for ‘The Freakmaker,’ post-haste!

The Week In Horror: The Black Gloves, Venom, The First Purge, Mohawk

On The Week in Horror, we’ve got streaming news, a Blu-ray release, a new trailer, major casting news for Venom, and more.

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CBC Jumps On The Digital Music Band(Width)Waggon

Still not a lot of interesting new music out there, so rather than review some pretty sketchy releases I spent the week checking out the latest player to enter the … Continue reading CBC Jumps On The Digital Music Band(Width)Waggon