The Week In Horror: The Black Gloves, Venom, The First Purge, Mohawk

Good evening, sexy beasts, or good whatever time of day it is when you read this. Sitting down and turning on my computer this morning felt a bit like Dracula rising from his coffin. I’ve spent the last week or so well out of the loop on anything aside from my most obsessive obsessions. To finally stick my head up and look around was a curious sensation.

I’m happy to see so much good stuff going on. There’s the Chattanooga Film Fest that took place this very weekend, where you can see films from some of my favorite people, like My Monster, 42 Counts, The Ranger, and many more. Arrow Video is having a flash sale this weekend as well. And just last night I watched Robert Mockler’s debut film, Like Me,and was blown away by the cinematography.

So, what are the other big stories in horror this week? We’ve got streaming news, a Blu-ray release, a new trailer, and major casting news.

Stream The Black Gloves and more

The latest film from Hex Studios, The Black Gloves, featuring modern horror icon The Owl Man, has landed on Amazon’s streaming service. You can now stream all three of the Hex films, which also includes Lord of Tears and The Unkindness of Ravens. Hex Studios, director Lawrie Brewster, and writer Sarah Daly are crafting a stylish and cool body of work that really sets itself apart from other corners of the horror genre.

The Purge prequel trailer

The first trailer for The First Purge, from Blumhouse, dropped this week. As the title suggests, the latest entry in the disturbing Purge franchise takes us back to the first Purge. The trailer is intense with heavy political overtones that speaks directly to the current state of affairs in America. If the actual film delivers on the promise of this trailer, moviegoers will be in for a hell of a ride!

Venom brings R-rated horror

Yes, I know this is The Week in Horror, so why am I bringing up a Spider-Man film? Because Venom will be an R-rated horror movie following the exploits of one of Spidey’s biggest bads as he takes on other symbiote-infected villains. And of course, the one character who has been heavily rumored to appear has been confirmed this week, complete with casting! According to Dread Central, Woody Harrelson has been cast as Carnage, the serial killer Cletus Kassidy, who got taken over by the symbiote and became one of the most dangerous foes Spidey has ever faced. Now, when I read this, my mind went straight to Harrelson’s role as Mickey Knox in Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers! With Tom Hardy playing Venom, this might be the surprise hit of the year.

Watch Ted Geoghegan’s Mohawk

And don’t forget, coming this Tuesday, April 10th, Ted Geoghegan’s Mohawk comes to DVD/Blu-Ray via Dark Sky Films and Snowfort Pictures. This is Geoghegan’s second feature, following the Barbara Crampton-led We Are Still Here. Mohawk is an intense story about a young Mohawk warrior, during the War of 1812, who sets out on a path of vengeance against a sadistic American platoon hunting a British operative. I’d compare Mohawk to Werner Herzog’s Aguirre: The Wrath of God or Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now. Like those, it’s a movie about a group of people going where they shouldn’t go, pursuing something they shouldn’t pursue.

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